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Oh No, I Forgot…….

my hair appointment yesterday and my cell phone at work today. Uh oh, this doesn’t sound good!


If It’s Wednesday It Must Be……

Pallet day and Morgan Hill Knit Club! Nothing interesting on the pallets this week. More sale junk.

Knit club was fun. I sat with the bus drivers and listened to them complain about their jobs. Carolyn is excited about her outrigger race In Santa Cruz. The oar she has to use is taller than she is! We planned a dinner and margarita’s night at Pat’s and a mini Yarn Shop Hop in Santa Cruz.

Working on the dish cloths for Sara’s shower gift.

Just Tuesday

Nothing exciting today. Got one hour cut on my shift at SLT. Went to see Sharon about changing car insurance to State Farm. I’ve with CSAA since 1965 but she gave me more coverage for $80 year less and no finance charge for paying monthly (CSAA is 13% annually).

Easy dinner in the oven, pork tenderloin and roasted potato’s, asparagus tips.

Mistake Monday

Well, it was 7:30 a.m. and I started my get ready for work routine: read paper and have coffee, read email and Facebook, take shower, check calendar for events this week…oh darn, I don’t have to be at work til noon!! I could have slept in! Oh well, I’ll watch the dialogue on The View and then go over to Michael’s to buy yarn for Sara’s dish cloth and towel ensemble.

Boy is this a bad day! Got to work at 11:50 only to find my name crossed off the schedule!! They said they called at 10:50 but I left at 10:30 to go to Michael’s. Don’t know where David is (was) when they called. Sh–!

OK, so let’s make the best of the day. Started the Bridal Lace dish cloth,,,,UGH!!!! I am just not meant to do lace anything! Too many YO’s, K2TOG, PSSO, etc!! Back to the internet for a less stressful pattern!!

So, I found an EASY pattern for the dish cloth. Puffy Basketweave Cloth. I actually think I might have knitted this as a scarf at one time. One more repeat (12 rows) and it’s done. Sometimes you just need a victory in order to keep going (oh, maybe a favorite quote).

Oh yes, I got the Manos del Uruguay yarn I ordered on Ravelry. It’s beautiful purple, red and blue variegated yarn. Super deal, $15 for two skeins including shipping. Tag still on yarn says she paid $14.75 per skein. Will have to find a good project.

Lazy Summer Day

Wonderful sermon today by Cindy Ritchie. God loves me. Her created me and loves me the way I am. I don’t have to earn his love. Good News!!

I finished the Ball Band dish cloth. Jan and Jo told me they’re having a wedding shower for Sara Dias on August 22nd so I’m going to knit her a dishcloth and towel ensemble (as well as give her something from the SLT closet stash).

Made Asian Beef Rolls from the current issue of Cooking Light. Very easy and very good. Recipe posted under Recipes I Like tab.

Only working 16 hours this week. Have meeting with Sharon Knox on Tuesday to change auto insurance company. I’ve had CSAA since 1965! I can get more coverage for almost the same rate I’m paying now. In February I’ll change the house insurance. ¬†Wednesday is Morgan Hill with Carrie.

Simple Saturday

Ran out to the Great Mall in Milpitas for some new Croc Mary Jane’s. Went to VF yesterday before work and found that they don’t have MJ’s. Went out to GM today and got them for $14.99. I think their seconds because they have a slight flaw. No problem, their plastic shoe’s for gosh sakes. Since I was in the neighborhood, I called Kathleen to stop by her house for a latte. Caught up for the week. I think we’re going to SF on Friday for the Georgia O’Keefe and Ansel Adams show. Finally got my nails done. more than 4 weeks since I had them done. Enjoyed a Washington Apple Cocktail. ¬†Having left overs for dinner and then will work on Ball Band dish cloth. Church tomorrow. Looking forward to Cindy preaching.

Knit Knight

Had a fun evening Wednesday night with the Knit Club. First Carrie and I went to dinner at MC and then met the girls at Starbucks. We laughed a lot, especially when Carolyn told us she has yarn and a pattern for knitting herself a swim suit! Not just a triangle bikini but a halter top and brief suit! Can’t wait to see that! Martha’s Mom, we don’t know her name so we call her Martha’s Mom, opened up and talked to all of us. Mostly about knitting. She is from Mexico and sometimes it’s hard to understand her but we smile, nod and acknowledge her. She is really a cute lady and we’re happy that she comes each we. Lot’s of people coming into Starbucks stop and ask to see what we’re doing. Kinda neat. We’ve got a space at the Community Center in Morgan Hill beginning the first Wednesday in August so we hope more people will join us. I’m going to post on Ravelry and perhaps we’ll have more people join us.

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