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Sweater Saga (cont’d)…………..

‘Nuf said………….


Trying not to cry about………..

the sweater I started on January 9th. I finished knitting the body which is knit in one piece, including the sleeves, today.  When I went to block it so I can sew it together (and then do the neck) I have 7 stitches too many on one side and am 7 stitches short on the other side of the shoulders. I think I know where the problem came from and have emailed the designer via Ravelry for help. GRRRRRRRRRR.


I did finish the BoneYard Scarf but think it’s too small. I am going to block it (when the sweater gets off the bed where I do my blocking) and hope it gets bigger. Unfortuneatly it has acrylic in the mix and I’m not sure how much I can get it to grow.


One sock is done so I’m going to start sock two while I wait for a response from the sweater designer.

The weather here is beautiful, in the high 60’s. Maybe tomorrow DH and I will do something in the afternoon outdoors.

Just a side note; I got my gel nails taken off yesterday. I’ve been doing my nails with gel or acrylic for about 30 years (can that be right? maybe 20 years). They are so thin!! I want to say to all of you “Don’t start with the fake (over real) nails. This is going to take a long time to grow out.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Not a FO for Friday, but…………

—-very cute.  This reminds me to keep plugging away at my sweater and maybe next week I’ll have a FO
 to share. Have a good weekend. Go 49er’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it’s cold. I realize that many of you who are reading this are going to think I’m a sissy for thinking it cold when the high is 55 and the low is 30. But this is California, we’re not supposed to have to cover our plants to avoid frost bite on the leaves. Hopefully it will warm up to maybe 60-62 when the rain finnnnnaaaaly gets here later this week. We live in a mobile home/trailer that is not well insulated. It does no good to turn up the heat as it just goes out the poor windows and non weather stripped doors. DH likes to cook and shop but not do handy work around the house nor want to pay someone to do it.

Today was my day off as the scheduling manager doesn’t seem to want to change my day off back to Fridays so I can have 3 day weekends. Guess I’ll just have to get used to it. I thought about going to a knitting meet up at Panera but decided not to. I was thinking about going to a LYS that is going out of business to see if they had anymore yarn I might need (need? want!) but decided not to go. Thought about joining another group at another LYS and decided not to. I hunkered down with my WIP’s and sat on the sofa knitting and watching tv all day. Watched The View, Martha Stewart, The Chew, Nate Burkas Show, and Ellen DeGeneress. David is making dinner (beef, mushroom and barley soup) so I don’t even need to cook.

I can’t believe I have 3 WIP’s. I started a pair of socks a couple of weeks ago. I’ve made 2 or 3 pairs of this pattern and only this time did I notice I am supposed to KTB (knit through the back loop) for the gusset and the rest of the foot (excluding the instep that is knit in pattern). I started a sweater about a week ago and am about 2/3’s done. I’m knitting the back that is connected to the dolman sleeves. I’m worrying that the sweater is going to be reallllyyyy big. Going to keep knitting and see what happens; after all it’s just yarn that can be frogged if it doesn’t work out.  Then this afternoon, when I got tired of working on the sweater, I decided to go through my stash and see if I could connect some of my yarn stash to patterns in my queue on Ravelry. I matched some yarn to a Stephen West pattern and started knitting. The sweater pattern is Flugel made with Berroco Vintage Chunky. The socks are Basic Ribbed Socks made with Three Irish Girls Cashmerino . The shawl/scarf is Boneyard in Classic Elite Woodland

Here are some pictures of what I’m working on. Hope those of you who knit are working away on projects and all of you around the country (and possibly the world) are staying warm this winter.

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Sunday is almost gone and here I am trying to post something. As I mentioned in my last post I am trying to get back into blogging. It looks like Squee Sunday has lost some of its bloggers so I thought I’d try to get back into it.

I decided to look up the word Squee. It lead me to an Urban Dictionary, that informed me that squee is what a fangirl  does. I then looked up fangirl. I can unequivocally say I am not a fangirl who squees! 

Just the same, I do have some things to share. Today I attended my first Church and World Committee meeting at the church I have been attending since October. Since Presbyterians are often called “The Frozen Chosen” for their lack of initial friendliness (sometimes called being reserved), I thought this might be a good way to get to know some members of the church and also take part in something to benefit the church community and the local and world community. The meeting centered around plans for Faith in Action Weekend. This is a weekend when our church will go out in to the community and do projects of service. We will also have some projects available to do at the church after the morning service on that Sunday. I had mentioned that I had also done this type of weekend at my last church and suggested a project or two that perhaps we could investigate doing. Well, now I’m charged with seeing about  doing an Adopt A Chaplin project. I was not going to volunteer for anything!!!! I guess God has other plans.

I also went to going out of the brick and mortar business of another LYS today. Bobbins Nest is closing and will only be an online store in the future. I had a $30 gift card I needed to spend. Erin opened the shop only to  “Honorary Bobbins” for the beginning of her sale. I was able to get enough yarn to make a sweater for which I already have a pattern.

The other things I did today were finish photographing the projects I’ve completed and posting them on Ravelry and working on a new sock, which I forgot to photograph. Maybe I’ll post that on WIP Wednesday.

Wishing anyone who might read this a good week.


Seasons’s Greetings (aka Merry Christmas) and Happy New Year!! I’ve been thinking about coming back to my blog but am not very creative about what to write about. I did a “meme” through the alphabet last year and that kept me interested in my blog for 26 weeks. I also participated in WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday and FO (Finished Object) Friday on Ravelry (knitting forum) for a number of weeks. But since the middle of December I have sort of run out of steam (or interesting words).

The “holiday” season for me is pretty hectic. I work retail in a high end kitchen store. From the week before Thanksgiving until after New Years day (actually this year January 2nd) I feel like my life is not my own. My normal work week is 18-20 hours a week but during the holiday selling season my hours go to about 32-35 hours a week. For a retired lady that’s a lot of time on my feet. I won’t bore you with all the horrors of retail during this time but suffice to say I would like only to work January through November and take December off!!

I did manage to do a few holiday things like bake biscotti and butter cookies and  try my hand at crafting (see December 9th here ). We don’t decorate the house any longer, just a Father Christmas and a pine cone tree (see photo December 12th here). My Christmas shopping took place back in October when I attended a Fair Trade International Gift Faire at a local church. My friend Kathleen and went to Broadway West Community Theatre and saw The Last Night of Ballyhoo in early December.

I did my first “holiday knitting” this year. I made fingerless gloves for my boss and my SIL and a scarf for a friend. I don’t knit well under pressure so this was an achievement. I also gave my DS a pair of fingerless gloves that I finished after Christmas and sent to her last week.

I discovered a new vice, Pinterest. It’s an online bulletin board. It can be quite addicting. Enter at your own risk. I still post on Facebook and find it a good way to stay connected to friends that I don’t often see.

I have decided this year to keep a log of the books I read. I read about a book a month. Right now I’m almost done with The Summer Guest by Justin Cronin. I have his first book, Mary and O’Neil, on my night stand as my next read.

I still need to think about what I want to do with this blog this year. Hoping I find a fun “meme” to join that will stimulate my thoughts and perhaps help me express myself.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2012.


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