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5 miles….

plus of knitting this year!! I have knit at least 8829 yards of yarn this year.


Merry Christmas….

Dragon Roll at Yuri Sushi

to all. Went out to dinner last night for David’s birthday at Yuri Sushi. Then it was off to church last night. Today we’re going up to Brian and Cindys’ in Redwood City for dinner.

Rainy day here and it looks to rain through next week.

Special Roll at Yuri Sushi


Fleur de Sel Carmels

Fleur de Sel Carmels (Ina Garten recipe)


day. ‘Tis the Season, even though I don’t do the season! Yesterday I made Ina Gartens’ ¬†Fleur de Sel ¬†Carmels and today I ran to Cake Works to get cellophane to wrap them (David helped). Then I made biscotti dough to take to Kathleen’s to bake tomorrow. Then off to Bobbins Nest to take advantage of the sale. While there Carrie came in. She was there to buy my Christmas present. I had yarn in my hand so she bought it for me. Then I bought more yarn! Then home to get gifts together for ladies at church for tomorrow. Whew, I’m tired!


Cookie dough….

Polenta Biscotti

A Wolf at The Wolf’s

made, oven on….oven on? “Hello Kathleen? Can I come over Sunday and bake my cookies? ” Kathleen, “Yes”. My oven thermostat was on the fritz and wouldn’t hold them temp. so Sunday afternoon I went to KW’s to bake my biscotti. She has a Wolf range/oven and I baked all my cookies an hour and a half rather that 3+ hours at my house. You can bake 3 pans at a time!! Thanks to KW for letting me come over.


Fall in

Via Ferrari in SJ

Pomegranate Tree in Kathleen’s backyard

In Kathleen’s backyard

Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas

December. On the drive to Kathleen’s on Sunday I had to take pictures of the color of the trees in San Jose and Milpitas

On Story Rd

I’m still…..


Cookie A

More Socks!

here. Been busy and just not enough time to write. On December 4th Cookie A was at Bobbins Nest. She designs great sock patterns. Only went so I could wear my Monkey Socks and possibly win yarn and a book (didn’t ). Click on the picture of the socks and yu can really see the detail in her designs.

Cookie A Socks

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