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Day 2

On the road again. Carrie and I left San Jose and picked up Pat in Morgan Hill. Stopped at Continental Stitch. Pat bought yarn and pattern. Onto Carmel. The only shop on the hop that I had never been to. Nice shop. I bought some yarn but wish I had bought something else. The pattern is a chart! Pat said she’s used to doing charts with her cross stitch and can help me out. Down to Monarch in Pacific Grove. Just let me buy yarn and get the pattern. I am so tired of shopping!! We had a lovely lunch at the Red House Cafe and then went down to the coast to watch the waves. As we driving the road along the coast in PG, Pat says she has never seen an otter…just then an otter appears! We pulled over to a parking area and got out and there was another one! We hung out on a bench above the water and watched the waves, birds and otters for bout 45 minutes. It was a beautiful day in PG. Stopped at the artichoke place in Castroville and arrived home about 7. Pat, Carrie and I are already planning a weekend trip in the spring. Stay in a B&B perhaps up in Jackson and stitch the weekend away.



Carrie and Pat at Knitting By The SeaIMG_0900IMG_0901


Day 1….

of the Yarn Shop Hop. Carrie, Pat and I left San Jose at 9:30 and made our way to Nine Rubies in San Mateo. Didn’t take us long to get into the swing on yarn shopping and buying. This was going to be a fun day. I better explain for those of you not familiar with the YSH. Eleven yarn shops from San Mateo to Pacific Grove are welcoming knitter’s to come to their stores to purchase yarn and be given a pattern to knit a square to be part of an afghan.

At Nine Rubies in San Mateo  (I forgot to take pictures) they got me when they said the yarn they chose was Malabrigo as the yarn to use for their block.  Next to Manos this is my favorite yarn. They offered two patterns that offer techniques I haven’t done before so that should be interesting. Then back down to Santa Clara and Bobbins Nest. Erin has a pattern with a bird (get it? Bobbins Nest) made with Misti Alpaca.  Over to Green Planet Yarn was our next stop. Didn’t especially care for the yarn but Pat bought yarn and got the pattern and will share. Then over the hill to Swift Stitch. Their pattern was made with Manos (yeah) but I already have lots of Manos at home so I didn’t buy the yarn but Pat got this pattern as well. Chicks with Stix in Santa Cruz was our next stop. Cathy was waiting with patterns and yarn. I got a pattern but didn’t buy yarn for it. I did want to support her so I bought some Cascade Quattro. Over to The Yarn Place. Picked up the pattern Gunilla designed. I don’t quite understand her pattern but can go to GPY on a Sunday and ask her about it. Didn’t buy yarn here (Pat got the pattern). After coffee and a biscotti cookie it was back over the hill to The Knitting Room. MaryAnn has designed a pattern with cables. I bought Cascade 220 to make this square. Her husband/co-owner of the shop, Ed, showed us how to knit socks with 2 circular needs. Looks fairly easy once you get the hand of it. What a nice couple. I arrived home at 7:30.

I have no business doing this as I haven’t finished the Four Seasons Afghan that I started in 2008!! However, I want to do my part to support the LYS’s in this area. Last year there were at least 16 shops that participated in the hop and  4 of them have closed.  A couple of other shops have chosen not to participate this year because of the added expense. Thank you to those who did and we will continue to patronize your shops.

Saturday will be easy. We’ll stop at Continental Stitch in Morgan Hill after we pick up Pat (she lives in MH). Then we’ll go down to Pacific Grove to Monarch and then to Carmel for a shop there. Weather should be great so we’ll have lunch down there and do a little non yarn shopping.

Erin from Bobbins NestErin at Bobbins Nest IMG_0882 Carrie at Bobbin’s Nest

IMG_0884 Beth from Green Planet Yarn

IMG_0887 Pat and Carrie at Yarn Dogs

IMG_0888 Terri and Deborah from Yarn Dogs

IMG_0894 Cathy from Chicks with Stix

IMG_0896 Pat with Ed, Mr Sock Guy, at The Knitting Room

IMG_0897 MaryAnn from The Knitting Room

It’s September 18th,

our 32nd wedding anniversary. Didn’t do anything special but I did make a really good dinner. Since we weren’t in Maui I pulled out the Hali’maile General Store Cookbook and made Herb Roasted Filet Mignon with Grilled Prawns and Mushroom Ragout. YUM! Still have some of the rich sauce left and will use a less expensive cut of beef next week to use up the sauce.

Herb Roasted Filet Mignon with Grilled Prawns and Mushroom Ragout

Herb Roasted Filet Mignon with Grilled Prawns and Mushroom Ragout


Raining!! I had a hard time remembering when it last rained in September. David said he remembers one time when we came back from Maui and my dad was picking us up (it must have been in the 80″s) and David had to drive home because Dad didn’t like driving in the rain. Oh yeah, 32 years ago On September 18th (our wedding day) there was a threat of rain so we moved the reception to the clubhouse where the Bales lived in Cupertino. Other wise I don’t remember rain in September!

Last week was busy with working everyday (that’s a good thing). This week I only work 3 days (that’s ok). Tuesday is the first meeting of BSF. Unfortunately I’ll miss the dinner at Pat’s. Wednesday is Knit Klub. Thursday Carrie is having hand surgery again and I’m taking her to the clinic in Oakland. She’ll pick me up at 6am as we have to be there by 7am for her surgery at 8am. Friday is our 32nd wedding anniversary. David wants to go to the beach so we’ll take a drive to the coast somewhere. Saturday I have a Presbytery meeting in Sunnyvale.
Pam sent me a beautiful knitted lei that I’ll have to take a pic for and post. Makes me want to be in Maui. I’ll just have to cope with being here.

Lovely Sunday,,

Church this morning was great. Pastor Stephanie did a sermon on Communion (since it is Communion Sunday). A great reminder about the meaning and that we shouldn’t get to complacent about taking Communion.

Off to Chic’s with Sticks in Santa Cruz. Kathy said she does a sock workshop every Sunday from 1-3. Jaime came along too. We had lunch at Gayle’s and then over to yarn shop. A good time was had by all. Kathy is  very generous with her knowledge.  Here a pic’s from the day.

Circular knitting doesn't work on two dpn's!! (Jaime)

Circular knitting doesn't work on two dpn's!! (Jaime)

Laura, Pat, Shari (Pat and Shari learning to make socks)

Laura, Pat, Shari (Pat and Shari learning to make socks)

Carrie making socks

Carrie making socks

Kathy, owner of Chic's with Sticks and our hostess

Kathy, owner of Chic's with Sticks and our hostess

Oh, I forgot to share…

who we met on the road trip…..

Here he is to save the day....

Here he is to save the day....

Just the cutest little bob. Carrie and I met him in the bakery with his parents. Mom said every day is Halloween with him. He loves to wear costumes!!

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