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No summer this year but its HOT now!! 98 at 4pm. Hope it cools down tonight.

My hours have been scaled back at SLT. Business at our store sucks.

Wednesday is Knit Klub in MH. Hope it won’t be so hot down there.

Not much else happening…darn!


I’m trying to drink more ¬†water these days I bought…………………..a Soda Stream water carbonator! We’ve been selling them at SLT for about a year and I really wanted one. When they came out with one for $!00 and I got my store discount, I said go for it! It came with some flavorings and some essences but so far I’ve just used the essences. Not bad, like a party in your mouth!

Saturday will be Knit Klub meeting at Pat’s for a craft afternoon. I’m working on the second mitten and the second sock.

Where did…..

33 years go? It’s our anniversary today. No plans as we just returned from a wonderful trip to Maui.

Did I tell you all that David quit smoking while we were on vacation? Yep, he quit the day we left, cold turkey. He says it was easier being on vacation than it is here. Please keep him in your prayers that he can overcome this addiction.

Only plans today are laundry, a baby shower and a nice dinner tonight with David.

The weather is pretty funky here, might even rain tomorrow! We’re not in Maui any longer ToTo!


I’m home. All vacations have to come to an end, damn! Good flight home, arrived early. Unfortunely Carrie thought we were coming home tomorrow! She had just come in from a business trip to Reno (about 5 minutes before I called) and made it to the airport from South SJ in 20 minutes via 85 to 87.

A comment about the new SJC airport, WONDERFUL. Easy access, great TSA cue’s, JETWAY’S for all airlines, nice baggage area. Alaska Airlines had out bags of before we even got down stairs. Nice curbside pick up area.

Now, where will we go next?

Last day…….

in Maui. We head home in the morning. It has been a really relaxing vacation. The best part is David quit smoking the day we left (9/2)!!

Spent a nice day floating in the bay, even though big waves were rolling in. Visited with Pam and shared knitting experiences since I last saw her (Pam taught me to knit in 2006 while here in Maui).

Beach pictures taken today

Tomorrow will be….

our last day here in Maui. It has been a really “chill-axing” vacation.

Tom and Pam arrived late last night and it was nice visiting with them today. Ken and Debbie arrived this afternoon and I hope we visit with them tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of last nights sunset. It was mostly about the after sunset sky.

God is good.

Hey, isn’t that….

the Pastor from church this morning on that paddle board? Yep, Pastor Rick was paddle boarding with friends and family on Napili Bay.

Poor David, he’s really sore from being roll-y poll-yed¬†yesterday when he tried to get out of the water. He got tumbled for several minutes. Unfortunately none of us saw him and no one tried to help him. He didn’t walk this morning because he was so sore. Hopefully he’ll be better tomorrow.

Had a nice dinner of corn and shrimp risotto. Carole shared a pie she bought at an Upcountry Bakery yesterday. Yummy.

A day at the beach

And of course, the sunset

Quiet day…..

on the beach. Worked on the scarf I am knitting for Lin’s b’day (oops, hope she’s not reading this!). Beautiful day, lots of folks on the beach and in the water. Some big waves. Made “Maui Taco Salad” for dinner using lots of Maui grown produce; butter lettuce, corn, salsa, pineapple were local produce. Also, red peppers, and baked tortillas.

Of course a sunset

Maui Taco Salad


PuPu’s …….

We had a pupu party tonight at Hale Napili.

Good Morning….

would you like coffee? Carole and Bob took us to breakfast at The Plantation this morning. We hadn’t been up there for several years. Happy to say that the French Toast made with Hawaiian bread is just as good as I remember! Caught an unusual view of a rainbow with out the “bow” between the coast and Molokai. You can barely see the rainbow colors

From The Plantation Restaurant. You can barely see the rainbow

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