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Finally, Playa Del Carmen & Cancun 2010

Patty and karen at La Palapa Restaurant, Royal Haciendas

Mark, Patty, Rachael

Royal Haciendas Lobby

Taco Party

Taco Party

Taco Party

Los Amigos Tacos, Playa Del Carmen

5 Tacos for about $2.00 US

Yummy Tacos

Italian Restaurant, Playa Del Carmen, Fresh Pasta

Owner and Waiter at Italian Restaurant

Rachael under the Palapa on the beach Haciendas

Puerto Morelos for Diner at the beach

Mexican Red Snapper, was in the water an hour before this picture

View from restaurant Puerto Morelos

They make the best Margarita I've ever had

Appetizer, mixed seafood in Mayan Sauce (I think)

Red Snapper, scallops, shrimp and calamari

Bathroom sink

Bar on the Beach at La Playa Norte, Isle Mujares

$5/day for chaise lounge and a soda

View from Balcony at Royal Sands, Cancun

Crab House, Stone Crab

Look closely for the Croc that lives in the Lagoon

Our only Sunset. We were on the West side of the peninsula

Mark's birthday dinner at Puerto Madero

Table side Caesar Salad

Ahi was fab! So much I couldn't finish

Wish I knew how to make these puffed potato's!

Not much happening…

I did get the Mexico 2010 pictures posted.

About 6 weeks til Maui!!

Have been knitting lots. Right now working on lace scarf and alpaca sox.

No plans this weekend. There are yarn sales at Yarndogs and GPY but today I spent $1200 on tires, shocks and struts(whatever they are) and do want to go to the yarn sale in San Mateo next weekend.


I was trying to add captions to my Mexico pictures and it keeps pulling them out of the order I originally posted them in! I still have the Cancun pictures to post. The first set are from Playa del Carmen. Maybe later!

Today I going to Carries for “Craft Day” with her, Shari and Pat. Better get up and clean the kitchen first and then to the market for “healthy snacks” before going to Carrie’s.

I’m home but….

I haven’t caught up with my blog yet. Pictures are downloaded from the camera but haven’t had time to blog about the trip. Hopefully I can do it this weekend.

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