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Z is for……..

I wondered what word I could use for this post so I Googled words with the letter z which I’m sure most of us doing this meme did. I scanned the list to see if any of the words would jump out at me, most I couldn’t pronounce much like the words beginning with x. Then I saw Zanzibar. I knew this was a country near Africa but also knew it sounded familiar in a knitting kinda way. Oh, wait! I knitted something a few years ago with a yarn by that is almost that name! Over to my Ravelry Project page I went to find………….


The yarn is by Collinette and is called Zanziba (close, huh?). I was in love with the color and the texture of this yarn. I remember it being really expensive. I was a new knitter then and anything that was over $10.00/skein was a luxury to me. Then, a store was going out of business and I got a really good deal on it. Guess what, I didn’t like it knitted up!! I finally gave  the scarf and bag away to someone who said they liked it (but I never saw them use it!).

This concludes  our blogging through the alphabet meme. I’m sad. It was fun and sometimes challenging to write each week. Most of all I “met” some great bloggers. I’ll watch for someone to start another meme and perhaps see you there. I’m still doing WIP Wednesday and FO Friday when I have projects to share so I hope I’ll see you around!


Squee Sunday………….

Although this hasn’t been the best week, I still have a Squee. I found this cutie

at the annual International Gift Faire on Saturday. He/She is made in Peru. I did my Christmas and birthday shopping there so I can’t post what I bought for gifts as some of those folks occasionally read my blog. If there is a faire in your neighborhood I recommend checking it out Here is the link to check for a location that might be near you.

I finished reading My Life in Stitches by Rachael Heron and highly recommend it. We all will see ourselves and our knitting in her life story. Here’s the link to her website/blog.

Things that are not Squee-worthy are:

Knitting mishaps the last few days:

  • The Go With The Flow sock #2 is going ok except for a bit of frogging.
  • I started a scarf for a friend (her yarn) and couldn’t keep track of yo’s. I switched patterns and it’s now coming along (no yo’s)

The worst of all, my friend, Princess Dora passed away after battling cancer for 2 years. She is younger than me and leaves two adult children (who live with her). I am so sad. It’s hard to think that she is no longer on eartth. The good news is she is in the hands of God who will make sure she has no more pain and has eternal life. We will celebrate her life on Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing my BFF who was Pricess Dora’s BFF.

Well, off to do 52 pick-up around the house and get ready for 49 er’s football at 1:15. Go Niners!

WIP Wednesday……….

Yes and No. I finished sock one of Go With The Flow but frogged sock two yesterday when I remembered I didn’t reverse the pattern on the second sock. I had 12 rows of ribbing and 32 rows of pattern done !@#$%^&*()_+. Then, while making dinner last night I cut my left index finger. Do you know how hard it is to long tail cast on with a big bandage on your finger? So, tonight at Knit Klub I hope to get started again!

Guess I didn’t Go With The flow when I frogged #2!




Y is for……………..

Wasn’t it just Yesterday that I was insophmore high school Algebra  class hearing that “the President has been shot” (1963)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday when my Dad showed up as a chaperone at my high school all night graduation party (unbeknownst to me  he was going to do that!) (1966)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday when I watched Armstrong walk on the Moon (1969)

Wasn’t it Yesterday David and I got married (1977)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday my niece Margaret was born (1984)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday we were watching the Oakland Hills Fire on the news (1991)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday I retired from my job of 30 years (1995)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday  Dad died (2007)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday David was laid off (2008)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday Mom died (2009)

Wasn’t it just Yesterday I started collecting Social Security (2010)

When will today be a Yesterday?




SQUEE Sunday………….

DH and I had a great Saturday….went to the beach!  The weather here has been beautiful this week. Not too hot and not too cold. We talked about doing something this weekend and decided to go to Capitola which is about a hour from here “over the hill” as they say.

It was BEAUTIFUL there today and HOT, 82 degrees. Can you believe, its past the middle of October!! I love California!

Here are the pictures we took. That’s me knitting, of course!

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FO Friday…..

another sock project done! These were done in 8 days, a record for me I think. Pattern details here and yarn details here.

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I’m working away on my Go With The Flow Socks and am loving them. I think it has something to do with the yummy yarn. Here’s the post from WIP Wednesday. This afternoon I finished the heel flap and tuned the heel. Going to pick up and knit the gusset tonight while watching Friday night TV. Hope to have them done by next Friday’s FO post.

Have a good weekend everyone and thank you for reading my blog.

WIP Wednesday…………..

I couldn’t help myself……I started a new pair of socks. The best part is I am using the most wonderful sock yarn I have every used. I’ve knit about 12 pairs of socks in the last year and truly, this yarn is the softest I’ve ever used. It feels wonderful going through my fingers as I knit.

The Plucky Knitter has a big following on Ravelry and on Facebook. In January I  entered a give away on her Facebook page and I won! I received a skein of

It’s 75% Merino, 20% Cashmere and 5% Nylon. The color is The Hills are Alive. The pattern I’m using is interesting. After you do the heel flap you turn the sock inside out and continue knitting. I keep peeking inside the sock to see what it looks like. This is going to be interesting. The pattern is available for free from the designers blog and is called Go With The Flow. I’ve knit 3 inches and think these are going to be great socks!

The picture isn’t the best, but more as I progress. I’m off to Knit Klub for a couple hours of knitting and am going to make some serious progress (I hope) on these.

X is for……………

When I started thinking of a word for X, the only one I could think of was xylophone. We all had one when we were kids, usually a brightly colored one that we banged on to the chagrin of our parents. It was usually given to us by a relative for our birthday or Christmas. A parent would never buy this for their child knowing what they’d be in for.

But that’s not the word I want to use this week. When I Googled words starting with X , a list of words that I never heard of or saw, let alone could pronounce came up. When I saw Xenodochy I likeD the look of this word. I looked up the meaning and realized that someone had once said that’s what I do!

Xenodochy. n. Reception of strangers; hospitality

You see, I was the welcome and membership Elder at my church for several years. I was in charge of meeting members and visitors every Sunday and making everyone feel welcome. I provided coffee and donuts for Fellowship time after the service to encourage people to stay and get to know each other, especially trying to connect visitors with the congregation.

My friend Kathleen often says of me that “There isn’t a stranger out there that you don’t know”. Like the saying goes (or maybe I’m making this up) A Friend is a Stranger you just haven’t met yet”. I often eavesdrop on conversations and if appropriate (or sometimes even if it isn’t) I make a comment. I have met the most interesting people this way. They are no longer strangers after we’ve had a conversation!

I try to practice Xenodochy all the time. You never know how it will turn out and who you’ll meet. Give it a try!

Squee Sunday…………..

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I didn’t think I was going to have a Squee for this week that is, until I arrived at church this morning. As you might remember I am “church shopping”. This was my 3rd Sunday attending Santa Teresa Hills Presbyterian Church. As I walked up to the Sanctuary I noticed tables set out on the patio and the Cameroon Flag was hanging with other banners in the center. Ah, I remembered, last week we prayed for the elections taking place there; this must be some kind of celebration for that. Well, it was Cameroon Sunday, meaning that we were going to celebrate this community in out service today. The members of this community have become a big part of this church. I even recognized several folks who had  attended my previous church.

Several Cameronian members, dressed in their beautiful celebration attire  lead the service. We even got a lesson about the country. Pastor Tom relegated this weeks sermon to another Sunday as we ran out of time and there was a feast awaiting us. The Community shared with us a wonderful meal of their native foods. Can’t tell you what I had, except for the plantains, but everything was really good. I forgot to take pictures of the outdoor celebration (darn!) but here are some form the worship service. I hope you can see the beautiful dress the women wore and the robes the men wore.

What a blessing. You just never know how a Squee will happen!

W is for…………..

Wise Hilda Socks.  This Basic Sock pattern is a good one when you have busy yarn or a yarn color that won’t show a busy stitch pattern.  I scored some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn

Lorna's Laces

at the Bust Your Stash event at  in early September. The yarn was only $4 for 430 yards. There wasn’t a ball band so I don’t have the color name but it’s burgundy and gold.

Here’s where I am after knitting for just a few hours

I made this same pattern earlier this year.







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