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Blog week 2011 2kcbwday4

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

Where are they now?

Today we’re blogging about projects from the past and where they  are now.

I do charity knitting for several groups and wonder where my things wind up. Hats for premies, did the baby make it?  Scarves, hats and gloves for teens living in shelters in San Francisco, are they alright? But mostly I wonder what happen to the scarf I made for Tracy.

Tracy was a troubled soul. One day someone invited her to our church (the same person who invited me, but that’s another story). Even though we had very different stories we shared one thing; The Holy Spirit met us at the door of that church the first Sunday we attended.

Tracy often commented on the scarves I wore so I offered to make one for her. She was going through a tough time and I wanted to do something for her. I made her a scarf using Manos del Uraguay in a beautiful multi color blue, to match her eyes. She wore it when she rode her BIG motorcycle.

About two months later she died.  I don’t know what happened and I don’t need to know. At her service the church was packed with people whose lives she had touched. I don’t think she knew how many people loved and cared about her. There was even a “salute” to her by the Christian motorcycle group she rode with, “The Reving of the Engines” in the courtyard of our church! What a sight and SOUND that was.

Her family came to empty her apartment. I wondered if they’d ask “Who knitted this scarf?”. I really wanted the scarf back so I would never forget Tracy. Should I try to call them? No, of course not.

So, when this topic came up, I remembered Tracy. Her troubled soul, her desperate need to be loved, her great smile, her motorcycle, the Reving of The Engines. I know she is at peace.  For me it isn’t about the scarf but about remembering Tracy.


Blog week 2011 2kcbwday3

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

Day Three: 30th March. Tidy mind, tidy stitches

I like to think of myself as organized but that isn’t always the case. So, thank goodness for Ravelry! My system is when I get home from yarn foraging I sit down and log the yarn into the Stash page. Then it gets set aside to be photographed (which sometimes happens and some times not). I store the yarn in baggies and then into big plastic tubs. My straight needles are in a crystal vase next to the sofa where I sit and knit. I finally corralled my circ’s a few days ago with one of these: Open Water Bait Binder

It’s a fishing bait binder! I labeled each “folder” with a needle size and they fit perfectly. I also keep my dpns in their packaging and store them here as well.

I keep my notions (measuring tape, stitch markers, crochet hook, etc) in a zipped pencil holder that a friend gave me when I first started knitting.

My leftover bits are kept in the plastic zipped bags my bedding came in. I didn’t want to waste lots of baggies on these bits that will someday (or not) become something!

When I’m knitting a project I have several project bags I can use depending on the size.

This is the one I use for sock or small projects:

Thank goodness again for Ravelry so I can add patterns I like to my queue. The ones I’ve printed out or were share with me from my knitting groups or from magazines are arranged in binders by type (scarves, cowls, hats, etc). Every couple of months I have a stack that have to be put in the binders and at that time I cull out the ones I’ll never make (What was I thinking? patterns).

I’m away from home for this week so I can add pic’s of any of these things at my home but I think we all do about the same thing. Sometimes on the weekend I look around the house and find I have to corral my stuff and put it back where it belongs, but for the most part it’s all put away.

Have to go now so I can get my second cup of coffee and read some of the posts for today.

Happy Knitting and thanks for coming by!


Still raining…..

Today we went up to Seattle to see Davids brother Mike (aka Mick). Had lunch in Fremont. It was awful weather so we didn’t do much walking around. I did stop at The Fiber Gallery in Greenwood and Mike took me to The Weaving Works. First shop not very friendly. Second shop was good. Bought some yarn on sale.

Saw a segment on TV about the Tacoma Conservatory and think we’ll go there tomorrow. Bainbridge  Island and Port Orchard are on tap for Thursday.

Blog week 2011 2kcbwday2

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

(I’ll be busy all day Tuesday (Day 2) so I thought I’d do this Monday night)

Skill + 1UP

After saying most of 2009 that “I’ll never make socks” I made socks for the first 6 months of 2010. I discovered 9′” circular needles that means no ladders between dpns. I made socks for me and socks for charity knitting.

I learned to do gloves and fingerless gloves with a thumb. People liked them so much that I wound up making them as gifts.

Last but not least I learned to do lace and read charts. Now I look forward to working patterns with charts.

My goal for 2011 is entrelac. Also, I taught myself to do Tunisian Crochet in January and hope to get better (especially on the left edge).


Black Diamond, WA…


isn’t open on Mondays! Except the Bakery/Cafe. Drove out to this little town in hopes of learning about coal mining in WA at the turn of the century. We did meet “Gomer” who is a volunteer at the museum. His father was a Welsh miner who came to WA to work in the mines. His father was only 18 in 1912 when he started working in the mine. His experience from Wales got him promoted to a fire boss (not sure what that is) at a young age. Gomer’s father met his mother who was also from Wales here and they made their life here. Gomer restored the locomotive that is on display. He said it was made in Plymouth Wisconsin. He really took pride in his work and said he wanted the kids who come to the display to have fun with it. Lunch at the cafe was ok.

On our drive home we saw the sign for the Indian Gaming Casino run by the Muckleshoot Tribe. Mostly bingo and some slots and very smokey. David won $1.41 and I lost $10.00 😦

Todays pic’s:

Gomer telling David about the engine restoration


Big Spender Dave on his way to winning $1.41


Blog week 2011 2kcbwday1

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

When I first started knitting (2006) I used lots of Noro. I loved the “unknown” of what was in the skein and how it would play out as you knitted. Then I found it too coarse for most of the projects I was knitting. I don’t want to “dis” this yarn as someday I might have a use for it. The last time I bought this yarn was for a pair of socks and knew after knitting just a few rows of the cuff that it wasn’t oing to work.

As for what I love now…..OMgosh, so many yarns so little time. My project page on Ravelry (Napiligal is my user name) is all over the place. If it’s pretty and feels good on my skin I buy it. I just bought some Cascade Yarns Epiphany that is a silk CASHMERE and merino blend. Fist time I have bought any yarn with cashmere.  (more…)

Day 5…

here in Tacoma. We’ve settled into a routine (actually their routine) with the cat and the dog, gotten used to the rain and gotten lost once trying to find our way around the area.

Sunday I went to church and then we went to Yellow House Yarns in Puyallup where I quickly contributed to the WA economy by buying yarn I don’t see in CA. My goal when I travel is to only buy yarn I don’t see in our local LYS’s.

(L) Liberty Yarns from local dyer, (C) Cascade Ephinay (silk, cashmere, merino) and (R) Cascade UltraPima with a beautiful sheen Ult

Today we’re going to the town of Black Diamond ( http://www.ci.blackdiamond.wa.us/ ).

Here’s what life is like here:

Charlie and Cassie getting along!


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