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WIP Wednesday

I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks but I have been knitting. While we were away in Oregon I casted on for another pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie A and continued to work on Dawn’s Twisted Scarf. I love the yarn for both of these projects. The socks are Liberty’s Yarn from Mt Ranier, Washington in a merino, cashmere, nylon blend. The scarf is Star Light from Universal Yarns that I like because of the shimmer thread that runs through it.

Dawn's Twisted Scarf









I finished the first sock last  Saturday and casted on the 2nd sock on Monday. I still have several projects zzz’ing and might take one to Maui next week.

Finished sock 1 Monkey by Cookie A

Sock 2 Monkey by Cookie A



















On Saturday I picked up a Sock Loom at JoAnn’s with my 50% off coupon. Why I thought this might be fun, I don’t know. So far I feel like an idiot. I can’t seem to get the tension loose enough to easily make the stitches slid off the pegs easily. The lady on the dvd makes it look so easy. There is a Sock Loom knitting group on Ravelry that is very supportive but this might not be for me. I have no problem knitting socks the old fashion way so I may gift this to a friend in Maui while I’m there.

Sock Loom

Hope you all are having (or had) a good Wednesday.

Q is for………..

Quagmire may refer to:

  • Water infused earth or a bog. Solid ground may turn to quagmire following substantial rainfall.
Many of our Eastern countrymen/women are finding themselves in this situation this morning after hurricane Irene passed through the East. I always feel like a voyeur when I watch the news reports of the havoc storms have wracked on peoples lives. I pray that all who are displaced will return home soon and that they find their homes saved from the storm.
When we were in Oregon two weeks ago we went to a Cranberry bog located across the Columbia River in Long Beach, WA. I thought cranberries only grew in the Eastern United States. Maybe I was influenced by the Ocean Spray Cranberry ad on TV. Here are the pictures I took. They don’t flood the bog til the fall so it just looks like fields of small bush plants right now.

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Squee Sunday………

……..I finished a sock with without much grief. Unlike my last sock adventure which took me forever to finish the 2nd sock, this was a better experience. I love knitting socks so I knew I couldn’t let one bad experience put me off. So, getting back on the proverbial horse, I started a new pair in anticipation of a renewed enthusiasm for knitting socks. I decided to do Monkey Socks by Cookie A again. The last time I made them the beautiful yarn didn’t really show off the pattern so I decided this yarn  would work nicely. I love it. can’t wait to cast on the 2nd sock.

Yesterday we had a short visit with my brother Dan and SIL Linda. They were down from Tacoma to pickup a bird bath that had been at my parents home for 50 years to take back to their home. (It’s a long story). Anyway, we went to lunch at the trendy Santana Row here in San Jose. We stopped at the Tesla showroom to see the $128,000.00 car (starting price without whistles and bells). My 6″2″+ brother folded himself into the car for this photo op………..

O and P…………..

I’m doing last week and this week in this post. We were on vacation from 8/11-8/21 with limited computer access.

O is for Oregon and P is for Pristine

My DH’s brother and SIL moved two months ago from Colorado to Astoria, Oregon two months ago. Since they won’t be there next summer (they’re only staying for 1 year) I wanted to get there before they left. DH and I have never taken a road trip longer than about 4 1/2 hours so this was going to be a challenge. Happy to say we didn’t kill each other and I did all the driving, 1530 miles!

We drove the first day from San Jose, CA to Medford, OR (I promise not to do a day by day report). I had us booked into a Roadway Inn that turned out to be a 1950-60’s Motor Inn. See how the cars are parked…..

Motor Inn circa 1950-60

The room was small but adequate for one night. We arrived in Astoria mid day Friday afternoon. This is the view from the deck on the back of the house.

View from deck on side of the house

We spent time out here watching the ships going up the Columbia River. We learned about The Bar, Bar Pilots and River Pilots. You can get a list of ships each day that are coming or going on the river to help you identify what you’re seeing. The bridge in the back is the Megler Bridge that makes Highway 101 continuous from the bottom of California all the way through Oregon and Washington. It was finished in 1966.

On Saturday we atteneded a parade as part of the Astoria Bicentennial Celebration. What fun; fire trucks, marching bands, home made floats, the Queen and her Court, clowns, woman who say you’re never too old to twirl a baton and much more.

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We enjoyed Sunday with my brother and SIL who are from Tacoma but were visiting Portland. They drove over to Astoria to pick up some paintings we had been storing in CA and had brought up with us to give them We spent the afternoon at The Columbia River Maritime Museum which was awesome. If you are every in this area you have to stop in and see it to understand the area. We also went up to the Astoria Column, where my brother was the only one fit enough or not afraid of heights to go to the top.

Dan at the top of The Column in Astoria

The rest of the week was spent touring the coast from Long Beach, Washington to Umpqua Oregon. We stopped at most of the lighthouses along the coast, walked on some beaches and just enjoyed our time.

Here’s a slide show of the rest of the trip:

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My P word is Pristine. The beaches, roads, rivers, even parking lots, the area in general was so clean. We compared it to the mess that is California (I’m a native so I think it’s ok to criticize).

Finally, as we left the far north of California, heading back to San Jose, we took a picture of  pristine Mt. Shasta

Mount Shasta

Squee Sunday……….

We’re back from a great 11 day trip to Oregon and a little bit of Washington. Here’s the list of words that describe our trip. I plan to do the ABC meme on letters  O and P  on Monday using some of these words and post some pictures. We had a great time and saw things we don’t normally see here in CA. Check back tomorrow for pictures and narrative.

Oregon Vacation 2011 List

Bar Pilot

Bumble Bee Tuna

Café/Yarn Shop

Clean roads and beaches in Oregon

Columbia River

Cranberry Museum/Cranberry bogs



Fighting trucks on 5


Goats/Baby Goats/Goat cheese/Goat Soap

Grey Whale

Hang Glider property in Oceanside


Light Houses

Loading logs onto freighter

Log trucks

Long Beach

Maritime Museum

Mount St Helen

Mt Shasta

Myrtle Wood

No Yarn

Ol’ Bob’s Crab Cakes



Pier 39

Rest Stops

River Pilot

Roads in Oregon

Rogue River Beer


Sea Lions


Tsunami Zone

Umpqua River



Not much commentary today as I’m getting ready to leave for my last day at work for about 11 days. Tomorrow we leave for a trip to Astoria, OR to visit family. Plan to do some knitting in the car (when it’s not my turn to drive) and with my SIL as she beads and I knit.

The pattern is called Dawn’s Twisted Scarf and was created by the owner of The Twisted Stitch in Monterey, CA for the Peninsula to Pier Shop Hop in May. She doesn’t have a page on Ravelry but is on FB. The yarn is Star Light and has a bit of sparkle but it’s not showing in the picture. I love doing cables and not so much lace so this scarf is a great balance.

Hope you all have a great week and check back for Yvonne and Dave’s Road Trip Adventure to Oregon later this week and next week.

N is for

Napili Bay, Maui HI. My screen name refers to my favorite place on earth.

It's always a good day on Napili Bay

How we got there: In 1977 when DH and I got married there was no honeymoon. Fast forward to 1982, 5th anniversary and it was time for the honeymoon. I went to the travel agency (this was before internet) and spoke to a woman who was the “Maui Specialist” . I had been to Maui in the past with a girlfriend and stayed at a resort but knew my DH wasn’t a resort kinda guy. She suggested a quiet bay that was like the “old Hawaii”. I took a couple of brochures home and DH picked the one he liked.

How long have we been going: Since 1982 we have been 25 times.

Why: Because it is the most relaxing place I have ever been. I’m sure everyone has that kind of place and this is mine. The first year we only went for a week and spent it seeing the sights, Hana, Iao Valley, Lahaina, Upcountry, and of course a luau. Since then we have returned for 2 or 3 week trips and mostly just hang out on the beach.

We have met our best friends there over the years. We all return from around the country (and even one couple from England) the same time every year. When my husbands new job required that we change our usual vacation dates, everyone in our group changed to match our dates. Now we all come and go within a few days or so of each other.

This year we leave on September 8th for two weeks. I’ve been getting phone calls and FB messages telling me their “count down days” to Maui.

Do you have a “getaway” place that is special? Tell us about it. In the meantime, here’s a slide show of my “getaway” place. Aloha……………….

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Sunday! I finalllllly finished the socks! They were going on like a broken record (remember records?) that is stuck in one place. I couldn’t get passed the gusset. I finished them up on Friday.

Cascade B & B Socks

No sooner was I done with that when I casted on a scarf pattern I picked up on our Shop Hop in May. The picture doesn’t really capture the metallic brilliant lime green yarn. It’s an easy pattern (not in Ravelry) with a cable row and a lace row.

Dawn's Twisted Scarf

I am still working on the sweater but am so tired of doing stockinette! I messed up the lace panel on one side but am going to live with it as it makes the sweater uniquely mine. The pattern is well written and easy so far; we’ll see what happens when I get to the sleeve and have to pick up some underarm stitches. I’ve been checking it out and even though I only casted on 8 new stitches it looks like there are more to be picked up to avoid a hole (kinda like a gusset on a sock or mitten.

Polar Cap Cardi

I am reading a new “knitmance”  by author, Rachael Herron, If you’ve enjoyed Debbie Macomber’s books, you’ll like Rachaels’. Rachael’s are a little (well a lot) more steamy. I met Rachael at the Oakland Fiber Fest a few weeks ago. I had planned to save the books for vacation in Maui reading in September but need something to read now so I started the first book in the Cypress Cove series, How to Knit a Love Song. I entered a contest on her blog and won a galley copy of her 3rd book in the series. Now I’ll have enough to keep me reading on the beach for the two weeks we’ll be on vacation.

And finally, last night I made a yummy accompaniment for our dinner, Zucchini-Ricotta Fritters

Zucchini Ricotta Fritters


I guess my blogging today is kinda like tweeting would be if I tweeted and if anyone cared what I was doing.

Well, another week is about over. I’m liking this 4 days off business. Maybe I’ll keep working after the end of the year if I can keep this schedule. I know I’ll work a lot during the holidays but like this long weekend (or is that a short week) business.

Finished the 2nd sock last night, finnnaaaalllly. It has never taken me so long to knit a pair of socks. Need to remember not to knit with Alpaca in the summer (Will post pic on Squee Sunday on Ravelry). Polar Cap Cardi is going well (again, will post Sunday on Squee). I just read a quote in a book that I’m reading that said not to worry about mistakes because no one will see them. I screwed up the first row of the lace panel  on one side and am 6 inch’s or so past it and am ignoring it. I also have a wonky stitch on one edge that I hope will disappear when I pick up the edge for the placard.

Speaking of reading, I am reading Rachel Herron’s book How to Knit a Love Song. I bought two of her books in the Cypress Cove series at the Piedmont yarn Festival in June. I met her and had her autograph them for me. I had planned to wait ’til vacay in Maui before starting them but needed something to read now. I also won a copy of her 3rd book in the series in June after entering a drawing on her blog. They are “knitmance” novels. Seems the fictional town of Cypress Cove is on the California Coast around Half Moon Bay best I can figure out

Started knitting Dawn’s Twisted Scarf, a pattern I got on the shop hop in May. The yarn is a brilliant, sparkly lime green. Almost hurts my eyes. 4 row repeat with a double cable in 1 row and yo/lace in another with purl on the backside. Going well so far.

Other plans for this weekend include starting to pack, or at least make the list of what to take, for our trip next Thursday to Astoria, OR. I’m a little nervous about the long drive both ways. The car is running well and we changed the oil and I have fairly new tires so I think it will be fine. Driving to Medford on Thursday and then to Astoria on Friday. About 7 hours for each leg. David’s brother and SIL live there after a move from Colorado. His other brother and SIL are coming down from Seattle on Saturday and my bother and SIL are coming from Tacoma on Sunday to pick up some paintings we’re bringing them. We’ll take the coast route part way home a week later. Should be a busy week.

Hope if you are reading this that you have a good weekend whatever you have planned.


I always wanted to knit a sweater but didn’t like the idea of knitting it in pieces and having to sew them together. I’m the person who tries to fit the puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong (i.e. doesn’t fit). I worry that if my gauge isn’t right, I don’t measure correctly, and a multitude of other worries, it won’t fit together, just like my puzzle pieces. So, when I discovered you can knit a sweater in one piece, top down with minimal sewing, I was in for this. One of my goals this year was to “Knit something that has to fit”. Unlike my usual procrastination self I made a Top Down Cardi in January so as to not put off my goal. I did it! Next I tried the February Lady Sweater but didn’t like the garter stitch yoke in the yarn I was using. While at the library a couple of weeks ago, where my knitting group is now meeting, I checked out AwareKnits and found this cute cardi. So far so good. Today I start the front lace panels. Hoping to have this done by the weekend so I can block it and take it on vacay to Oregon next week. My SIL’s who are avid spinner/dyer/knitter/weaver’s will be there and I want to show them my project. Here’s where I am today

The sleeves still need to have a 1″ ribbing added as well.

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