Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

out on Vashon Island. Actually we were on Maury Island that is attached to Vashon by a spit of land. Visited SIL’s parents Jeannine and Russ at their beach home. The have lived there at least 60 years and Jeannine’s parents lived there before them. Very relaxing afternoon on the island after a ferry ride over from the Tacoma/Pt Defiance dock. We wound up getting there earlier than the Seattle contingency as there were street closeurs getting on Higway 5 from where Mike and Suzanne live. Wound up going to a  U-Cut Lavender farm a couple of blocks off the main road in Burton (located at the first stop of 4 on the Island). Then we met everyone in Vashon town at the Saturday Farmers Market. It was great to have Fran from Chicago with us with her 2 year old grandson Harrison. We finally timed it right with Fran and us to be here at the same time. After a trip to the Thrifty Market (which isn’t thrifty but more like a whole foods) we were off to the folks.

The day was speni visiting, sitting on the front porch waiting for the tide to come back in! Lots of great converstion and history about the area from Jeannine and Russ.

The funniest thing happened however when we went to leave. Mike and Suzanne had rented a Zipcar for the day (they don’t have a car). When we went to leave, the car wouldn’t start. Suzanne pulled out the book and was trying to figure out why. Mike finally called the 800 # (about a half hour of trying to figure it out). The customer service person told him to scan his activation card on the bar code on the windshiled and then try to start it. Voila! Seems that since he didn’t lock the car, the car automatically de-activated the ability to start the car. It’s a really cleaver system.

Sunday has been lazy. I went to the local Presbyterian church where I attend each time I’m here, we went to the market for a few things and then have just been hanging out. Going in to Seattle to have an early dinner with Anne and Christina.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, maybe a trip down to Olympia or over to Poulsbo.

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