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This sums it up!!

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It was a cold………….

Sunday, even though it was sunny. Just the kind of day to stay in and knit. DH and I don’t do much to decorate for Christmas in our house  so I didn’t have to spend time doing that. We do put up lights in the front  window and I have two things that I put out every year, a small pine cone tree and a Father Christmas.

Here’s the picture of the almost finished fingerless gloves (and tree and Father Christmas)  I made this weekend. Just have to finish the thumbs (the part I don’t like doing) and add buttons to the cuff. I think I’ll give them to my sister in SoCal. She walks her dog every day and she has mentioned that at night it gets pretty cold out there.

The pattern for the mitts is Barista Mitts. I used Berocco Vintage DK. The errata on the left hand mitt was very confusing and halted my progress for a bit. I finally just guessed at what it said and it turned out fine. The pattern includes three cable patterns so you can make different mitts. The Vintage DK is great to work with. I scored 4 balls at a sale this summer for only $4.00 for all 4!  So far I have made two scarves and these mitts and still have enough for another pair of gloves and a hat.

Hoping you all have a great week.

Tis the Season…………

to think I am crafty. I was watching Rachael Ray this morning and caught the crafting segment. The lady made making these little ornaments look very easy. I’ve been invited to a get together on the 21st with some lady friends and thought this would be a cute gift to bring everyone (I need 8). Off to Michael’s I went for supplies. I spent about $22.00 on stuff and about an hour of my time trying to find what I needed. Upon returning home I sat down to make the crafty little ornament.

BLAH!!!!! What was that woman thinking that a 7 year old could easily make this. Try getting the wire through the middle of the pom=pom! Then try twisting the ends to form a wreath without knocking one of the pom poms off!! And then try to get the ribbon on so it hangs nicely. I thought the glue I bought would work to keep the ribbon together.

It took about 90 minutes to make 3 of these and I have 5 more to make!!! What was I thinking!


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