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Tropical Storm Alex….

is giving us a hard time! TS Alex hit the Yucatan on Saturday and is still around. Today is sunny but oh so windy. Saturday was moving day from Playa del Carmen to Cancun and we came down here in lots of rain. When we arrived it stopped long enough for us to run downtown for provisions. Saturday night we got slightly wet on our walk to Restaurant Siscal for dinner. On the way back we got drenched! Sunday we stayed  in, watched soccer, Mexico lost, and I knitted. Dinner was wonderful at C E N A C O L O :: Il Ristorante Italiano. Such a class place. When we walked in they offered us a taste of parmesan from the wheel and a small glass of wine.

The rain has stopped but it is sooooo windy. Patty and Mark are down at the pool (since 8am) and I’m on the veranda writing this message trying to get the courage to go down there! This reminds me of the winds of Provence, The Mistrial, but of course this is warm and that is cold.



When life gives you limes…..

put it in a Mexican beer! I’m down in Playa Del Carmen Mexico with my friends Mark and Patty Johnson and their daughter Rachael. We arrive on Saturday after a looonnnnnggg day of traveling on a that started on an early morning flight (630am) from SF to Mexico City and on to Cancun. Playa is about 40 minutes from Cancun. The Royal Hacienda’s is a beautiful resort right on the beach. We have been to the beach everyday of course. I will post pictures when I get back as I forgot my camera cable.

When Life gives you lemons….

make lemonade and add lemoncello! I brought quite a few lemons home form Sunset Celebration Weekend last week and just got around to squeezing them. YUM!

Today was the beginning of WWK/CIP (World Wide Knit and Crochet in Public.

I met Martha and Shari at the Morgan Hill Farmers Market and we knit until 12:30. I was disappointed no one stopped by to ask what we were doing. The girls from Naomi’s Cafe in Morgan Hill were also there but chose to sit in the shade. We went to the super Tacqueria for lunch

One week until Cancun. This time next week I’ll be there for 2 weeks.

Sunset Celebration…..

Weekend June 5th&6th. Can you say  LEMONADE?  I worked in the Kraft food both days. We served 10,000 servings of Country Time Lemonade with mint sprigs. It was a lovely, WARM weekend. Only disaster is I fell on Sunday afternoon. Very bruised left wrist, skinned knee, sore hip and possible sprained right big toe! No worries, I’ll live.

Camping never looked so stylish

The photo above is a cute Tear Drop Trailer. The back opens up to reveal a small kitchen set up (photo below).

Teardrop trailer kitchen

Three hot chicks……….

Anne, Christina and Margaret, three hot chicks in Mexico!

EDIT: oops, you have to click on the picture and click through to see this picture in full. You’ll see the girls and and their parents, my brother Dan and wife Linda

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