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Gosh, another…

week has gone by. Not too much happening. I went to Wendy’s baptism on Sunday at her church, Hillview Bible Church. She gave her testimony and it was truly moving. It showed how God’s grace works and how he can change your life if you ask Him.

After church I went to Carries for an afternoon of crafting with Pat, Lisa, Jaime and Carrie. I made felted soap bars for Martha’s boutiques later in November. I’m donating lots of projects I’ve made over the past couple of years to help her raise money for her Walk for the Cure next June.

Friday I’m having lunch with Jo. She has been asking me to go to lunch with her for months. We finally have a date we are both partially available and we’re squeezing in lunch at Mimi’s Cafe in Saratoga.

Talked to Lin this week and she had a great cruise. unfortunately Raetagae fell the week before the trip and couldn’t go. Lin had the cabin all to herself. Her luck held out when she was upgraded to 1st class on her flight from Milan to JFK.

Not much on the stix these days except projects for the boutique. Want to make a lavender eye pillow and have to decide which stash yarn will work. I’m on a yarn diet (after the 2 skeins of Manos I ordered on Sunday arrive) and need to make projects with the stash.

Aysar is going to work in Los Gatos beginning Friday. I’m sorry to see her leave Santana Row. She is the most approachable of the managers that we have.





Life goes by

too fast. My dear friend of six years Lorraine Neece  passed away on Thursday. She was 88 years old. Lorraine was a beautiful Christian women. She loved the Lord and all the people she met that loved him too. I pray for her children who are coping with the loss of their mother and especially for Ken who took such good care of his mom. It will be sad to see him leave to go live with his sister in Washington but Lorraine was at peace knowing Kathleen would look after him. In a sense I am losing two friends. Lorraine in addition to Rosia and Cayo is the person who always welcomed me when I arrived at Immanuel those first couple of months. Always a hug and a pink lipstick kiss on the cheek. What a dear lady and wonderful example of Christ’s love for everyone.

This past week I taught myself to crochet!! YouTube is a wonderful resource and the replay button is a great thing! I’m not really proficient but I can do a SC and a DC. Now what do I do? Oh yeah, a dish cloth!

No big plans this week, work, memorial service for Lorraine and Session.


came home from Kathleen’s with a bounty from her garden..sugar pumpkin, butternut squash, japanese eggplant, lots of tomatoes, basil and tarragon. I’m going to roast the butternut squash and freeze it for soup later. Oh, and she also gave me fresh mozzarella to go with the tomatoes!! What a great friend. Oh, and a zucchini bread is in the freezer and crossword books for David. Life is good.

49’rs just had a reversal of fortune, Atlanta just ran the ball for a 90 yard TD. And, they’re about to get scored on again because they lost the ball on the kick off!! Time to change the channel. Boy, are they gonna get it in the locker room at half time!

Is it…..

Friday already? Another week went flying by. Missed Knit Klub on Wednesday. Worke til 5pm and spent the day training a new associate. By the time I hit the road to go to Morgan Hill I was really tired. Decided not to go.

Met Carrie and Jaime today  for lunch at Steamers in Los Gatos before our  tube sock class at Yarndogs. Pat and Shari met us and we had a great afternoon, lots of knitting and laughing.

Made the Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies when I got home. YUM (Recipe on the recipe page of this blog).

Tomorrow I plan to run over to the International Gift Faire. Then the plan is to work around the house and play fifty pick up. Dan is coming next Saturday night after he spends the day with some of his buddies. Hopefully I can get some knitting time in as well.

This week…

went really fast Update on Deb: The cancer is in her intestines. Not sure what the next step is but Lin will let me know. Keep her in prayer if you are reading this.

Carrie and I are signed up to take a class at Yarndog’s on Friday to knit the the Spiral Tube Sock (no heel!). After hearing about Deb, I really want to help support Martha of our Knit Klub raise funds for next years 3 day Walk for Breast cancer.

Other than church on Sunday, no real plans. Will play “52 pick up” and probably knit the dishcloth to send for this months swap.

It’s a sad day….

because Lin called to tell me that our dear friend Debbie, aka Princess Dora, has stage 4 liver cancer. They were going to do tests today to determine where the cancer came from and determine what they will do next. If you’re reading this, please pray for our friend Debbie. She’s only 54 years old.

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