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Made it…..

through Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Had a lovely dinner at Kathleen and Bills on Thursday. Worked 9-2 on Friday. Have spent the rest of the weekend knitting for charity and Christmas gift (for Lin) and watching Hallmark movies!

Am very happy that I have maintained my weight loss (21 pounds) since Nov 2nd when I went on maintainance . I’ll go back to losing weight on the 26th. Hope I can dispose of another 15 -20 pounds.

Looking forward to  coffee with  Anne on Friday at Bella Dolce Cafe owned by my friend Audrey. Hope to see her and perhaps Karen and Ursula who are working for her.


another panel for throw

It’s cold!! I wearing sweat pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, scarf, wool socks, and fingerless gloves. Good thing I decided to start working on my Four Seasons Throw made with Manos wool. Here are the first two panels. I started this in February 2008! I’m on panel 3 (of 3) and almost done with the first of four blocks.

panel for throw


There’s no such thing….

as a free meal. Had a pass to attend soft opening of the new Chipolte on Winchester for tonight. We drove over, circled the parking lot and saw the place was packed and a line out the door. So we drove to Panera and had dinner. As I said to the kid who took our order, “My free dinner at Chipolte cost me $17 at Panera”.


Nothing exciting going on. Highlight of  weekend….clean out my yarn stash. I have some yarns I’m never going to knit or that I no longer like. Going to take them to my yarn group and see if anyone wants them. One good thing, I found my Four Season Throw that I started in February  2008. I just have one panel to knit so I’m going to work on that for a while.

My Bad….

I mis-read the letter from SS a few days ago. The money they are withholding  are the taxes I requested they with hold. No reduction in benefits. Still doesn’t change the fact the ATT double our health benefit payment. However, we sure are luckier than most and can afford to pay it.



Still not…..

in a good mood. Poor guy in the produce dept at Luckys this morning. I lit into him about not having fennel or arugula!

Have you ever been so….

angry you just want to swear like a sailor? That’s me today. First I had to be at work at 8am to do put away of merchandise. I left at 730am (it’s only 7 miles) and the on ramp was backed up. I made an illegal left turn to get on the on ramp from the other direction and there were 2 SJ officers pulling people over for the same infraction. (Glad I didn’t vote for their “pay me my salary when I retire proposition) That will be a $275 ticket (one weeks for me). Then, I got cut two hours from my shift. THEN, when I went to leave, I couldn’t find my new (that I made) scarf that I had put in my locker. And I can’t even have a glass of wine because of the diet I’m on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@###$$%%^^&**()))_))((*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()__+_)(*&^%%$$##@@!!!

Two more things to add to this sh-tty day; Got my benefit statement today from ATT and our medical insurance premium DOUBLED! Earlier this week I got a letter from Social Security saying they were going to deduct $219 from my monthly payment because they anticipate I will make more than the allowed amount this year! Now I have to file a claim that I’m not going to earn too much this year. By the time they figure it out it will be January 1st 2011!

Just saying…………

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