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I think …..

I wore myself out blogging for Blog Week and had to take a rest.

First week back to work, back to Knit Klub and a planning meeting for the church celebration in June kept me busy. Big news was Opening Day for the SF Giants. Very moving show with the raising of the World Series Champions flag on Friday, The Ring presentation on Saturday and today recognizing Buster for Rookie of the Year 2010. Good news is they won the first two games at home. Right now they are losing 5-1 😦

The yarn I bought to make Echo was too bulky so I changed projects. Will look for new yarn for Echo and purchase with my birthday discount this month at Green Planet Yarn.

Decided to do some charity knitting for Compassion Knits in SF with the Lambs Pride that was supposed to be the shawl. I made Speedy Cable Beret and Speedy Cable Cowl. I’m working on mittens but the yarn might be too bulky.

Wish I could figure out inserting photos better. Guess when I retire I can spend hours doing that!

This week I work 4 days, nail appointment Tuesday, Knit Klub on Wednesday, eye exam appointment on Friday. Of course there will be lots of knitting in between activities.

Today I went to First Presbyterian Church in downtown San Jose for worship service. Since IPC is closing in June I have started church shopping. Small congregation with a mix of people. I recognized several folks who are active in the Presbytery and of course are aware of IPC’s fate. Still think I’ll check a few more churches this summer.


Blog week 2011 2kcbwday7, Is it Knitting Time Yet?

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

When is not knitting time? I am lucky to be at an age when there are few responsibilities, no kids, I only work part-time and a husband who is self-sufficient when it comes to cooking.

There are circumstances that dictate what I work on, when and where. If it’s a complicated lace pattern, Silence is Golden. If it’s mindless scarf knitting it’s ok for TV to be on. If I need help it’s time to go to open knitting at my LYS and possibly meet with The Stitch Doctor.

I love social knitting both at my LYS on Fridays and Sundays and on Wednesday with my Knit Klub at the community center. I find that I always learn something from other knitters who are so generous with their knowledge.

I usually always have a project with me as you never know when you’ll have a few minutes to knit a row or two. I know I make fun of people who can’t leave without their cell phones app and games but for me I always want to have my knitting close by.



Blog week 2011 2kcbwday6, Aspirations of a Knitter

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

It’s safe to say I am a Safe knitter ! I do things that are safe. I was raised by a mother who was a perfectionist, she did everything perfect in my eyes. Thus I didn’t learn to speak French as she was French and always criticized my pronunciation. I didn’t learn to sew, as she was a seamstress and I couldn’t sew a seam straight. I do have to pat myself on the back and say I can cook and bake because it never really interested her, but still, she was a good cook. (I love my mom and miss her a lot)

Thus, I find it takes me a long time to try a new skill. I’m afraid of making a mistake and ruining the yarn when I have to frog it. But, what I always learn, after the fact, is that It’s Just Yarn!

I did start a list of things I wanted to do in 2011 and actually completed one goal in January. I wanted to make something that had to fit me. I wanted to make a sweater. But, all those pieces to sew together made me re-think my project. So, I made a raglan, top down, cropped cardi and it fit!!

Here is my list of things to learn (not in any special order), maybe not all this year but there is no race to be won here.

Finishing: How to sew in the ends so they don’t pop up or out down the road. How to sew seams together so I can make a sweater that is not raglan.

Entrelac: Maybe just a square to make a pillow (I’ll ask my friend Carrie to sew it up for me!)

Free Form Knitting: I did take a class on this at Stitches West this year and just need to find time to do it.

Color Work: This week while we’ve been in Tacoma and traveling to yarn shops in the area, my husband has commented how much he likes all those items that have patterns. Maybe doing  a swatch will get me started.

Toe Up Socks, Two at a Time Socks, Magic Loop Socks: I get by just fine doing socks using my 9′ circular needles but these techniques intrigue me.

Non Related Knitting aspiration: since doing this blog all week, I want to learn to use WordPress better and to make my blog more interesting.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll come by again.




Blog week 2011 2kcbwday5 (part 2 The Booty)







Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton. Beautiful red and very shiney

Nimbus for Amanda’s Fingerless gloves pattern

Berocco Metallic Sock Yarn


Ritratto, S. Charles Multi Metallic

Blog week 2011 2kcbwday5

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

My winter vacation in Tacoma WA. has been full of yarn shops (and rain). I don’t know if you folks are familiar with Shop Hops or Shop Crawls but here and in CA about once a year LYS’s get together and plan a weekend were you visit participating shops and pick up a new yarn and pattern created just for the occasion. They have a drawing if you fill your “passpost” with stamps from all the shops you are entered in a drawing to win a gift certificate to the participating shop of your choice worth about $500.00. This is a pictorial of the shops I’ve visited so far this week in Washington.

Today we only did one shop as I can honestly say I’m tired of driving!

The shop Kent Washington is a very nice shop in an upscale outdoor mall. Thank goodness David was with me (as he has been on all the trips) or I might not have found this one. It’s not on the main street of the center but on the back side of building 417. Again, they carry mostly the same yarns I can get at home so I did’nt buy yarn. I did purchase a pattern by Lisa Ellis called Barista Mitts. Three different cable patterns.

text description

A real mecca of yarn that I wanted to see was Churchmouse Yarn and Tea on Bainbridge Island, WA. I was not disappointed. This lovely, warm friendly shop was all I wanted it to be. I bought a pattern that was part of their Yarn Crawl 2010.

Beautiful displays at Chruchmouse

A real surprise find was Amanda’s Art-Yarn in Poulsbo. I hadn’t planned on going to this shop but we decided to check out the “Historic Downtown” (that’s what the sign said on the highway). I went into a quilt shop to ask for directions to the shop (Quilters are nice people too!) and was directed across the street and up stairs. What a gem. Amanda (a former Santa Cruz, CA gal) was friendly as can be. She designs patterns and many of the shop samples were her designs (pattern convieniently located next to yarn and FO)

Amanda with my credit card!

A well lit, friendly shop with lots of great yarn, Debbie Macomber’s A Good Yarn Shop was a must see on this trip. One of my rules when visiting LYS’s away from home is to buy yarns and patterns I can’t buy at my LYS’s at home. Debbies shop carried many yarns that we have at home. Her own yarns, which she donates the sales to help children around the world, were lovely but not in colors I would use (they’ve sold out of many colors).

Unraveled Yarn in Federal Way was a return visit this year. I met Sharla (Sharlar on Ravelry) who is a budding designer. When she saw me admiring a FO on display she came over and told me she had designed the pattern. I told her I had some yarn at home that would work well for the pattern and she kindly gave me the pattern. I’ll be sure to send her a copy of my FO.


Weaving works in Seattle is a staple in the knitting community of Seattle. My SIL suggested we visit this shop. I bought some lovely Stacey Charles yarn (on sale no less).

Contact UsWeaving Works, Seattle, WA

The Yellow House Yarns in Puyallup, WA opened Feb 1st, 2011. Lovely yarns, lots of “sit and knit”

areas around the shop. The owners Megan and Lysa are really friendly and helpful. Owners Lysa Lyon, left and Megan Peters opened their doors of Yellow House Yarns on Feb. 1. "We try to stock the largest number of colors," Lyon said.


Lots of places to sit and knit

David in the "waiting room" with cookies, coffee and tea!

I like their winder as it will tell you actual yardage while it winds

My "Haul"

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