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2009. We’re on our way to the Johnson’s in Brentwood. So nice to have wonderful friends. Patty and I have been friends since we met at St. Cyprian’s Church in Sunnyvale in the early 60’s. They have also invited me to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in June. Looking forward to seeing Marianne and her son Max and Rachael.

Got a message from my niece Christina last night with advice on a muffin recipe. So pleased that the girls still seek me out for advice, even if it’s just about a recipe. Talked to my sister Christina as well. She’s doing well and looking forward to shopping tomorrow!

Going to spend tomorrow with Carrie and Shari. We’re meeting in Campbell for some knitting, lunch and maybe a bit of shopping.

Busy week next week with dinner for Bev who is retiring, Knit Klub Wednesday and Seekers and Joiners dinner on Thursday. Too bad I have to work too!






About a week ago a customer came into the store and was buying dipping forks. I asked her what kind of truffles she was making and she said she wasn’t but was making CAKE BALLS. She told us how and Milva and I have gone crazy thinking about all the flavors you can make. Milva made them last weekend for the store and is making them for the big wigs coming this week. She’s even taking orders. Carrie has also gotten into this and is having her Godchildren over this weekend to make them.¬†Cake Balls

The Last…

two weeks have flown by. Last week was the busiest. Sunday I went to the memorial service for Betty Harvey, my dear friend Pam’s mom. The Harvey’s lived on our street and Pam and I were friends from about age 8. Mrs. Harvey passed away from cancer. She was a true Southern lady. Worked all week, had Session meeting Tuesday, pre Thanksgiving dinner at Jan’s Wednesday, dinner at the Muindi home Thursday and Yuletide at Montalvo with Kathleen and Carrie Friday morning. Whew, glad I didn’t have to get up early today. This afternoon I’m going to Melia’s ¬†senior recital and then have a nail appointment at 4pm. Whew!!

The dinner at the Muindi’s was a surprise. They invited me and Sylvia. I wasn’t sure what the occasion was or why. When I arrived the home smelled great with food cooking. Tim and Serena were very relaxed. When I heard someone in the kitchen Serena said to go check it out. The have a Personal Chef!! She comes 5 days a week and fixes dinner for them. Serena said that it is less expensive (and better) than what they were spending/eating out the year before. It was wonderful. Best of all, I savored the entire meal and was the last one to finish my entree. That never happens.

Patty Johnson emailed me this week and asked if I’d like to go to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen next June. How fast do you think I said “Si”. Had trouble using my MAC to make reservation on Mexicana Airlines. Remembered that I had the same problem a couple of years ago. Went to Kathleen’s and used her PC and “Ole” I’m going to Mexico June 19-July 3.

I’m seriously considering taking my Social Security next April. I don’t want to do the Electrolux demo’s anymore and would be able to cut down my SLT time to about 20 hours a week. I’ll send for my birth certificate (can’t find it anywhere) and then make an appointment with SS in January.

We’re going to Patty and Mrk’s for Thanksgiving. Marianne and son Max as well as Rachael will be there. Kathleen had also invited us but since Marianne is coming and we don’t have many chances to see her we decide to go to Brentwood to see her. We’ll have Christmas with Kathleen’s family probably at Brian’s.

Well, off to watch a little football and then start getting ready for the day.

I forgot…

I spent a great afternoon with Kathleen on Friday. We drove to San Mateo and visited Gourmet Depot, a French import market. Picked up a few things. We went to lunch at a nice restaurant downtown. Always nice to spend time with Kathleen.

It finally…

seems like Fall. The mornings are crisp, sometimes foggy, and the days are nice except when it’s windy.

Thursday night, the 5th, I went to the San Francisco Cheese School with Lynn and Nancy. It’s such a small world these days. I worked with Nancy at Home Chef and met Lynn through Mary B from Electrolux. Nancy and Lynn know each other from Home Chef (after I left Lynn started working there). The cheese class was on cheese and wine from Spain and Portugal. Turns out the stories she told tied into people Kathleen knows through her work at Triple D Cheese. Small world isn’t it?

Wednesday was Knit Klub in Morgan Hill. Olga was in the hospital for a few days and she and Martha were not there. Carolyn left just about the time we got there so carrie and I spent about an hour and a half with Carol and Bev.

Today I have a demo and tomorrow will be church in the morning. Might take my tube sock knitting over to GPY if Carrie is taking a class there. If not, just hope and more knitting.


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