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It’s Almost….

our vacation. August has been a reeaaalllllyyyyy long month, almost 5 weeks long!

We’re  almost packed, David in a very large suit case and me in a carry on. I’m too cheap to pay for checking luggage. If David didn’t have his snorkel gear, which includes very large fins, he might be able to go the carry on route.

Going to Maui is like going home. We know so many people there and are familiar with where everything is. We haven’t been since our 2007 trip after which David got laid off and the economy tanked. Just couldn’t stay away. I’m hoping we can continue to go back every other year.

Hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend and I will try to post pictures while we’re gone.


Good day…..

Had lunch with my BFF Kathleen at LB Steak at Santana Row. I had a gift card I won at the SLT holiday party in January and wanted to treat her for all the great dinners we’ve had at her house. We had a good 2 hour lunch and a short stroll down “The Row”.

Got my hair cut this morning and enjoyed visitng with my hairdresser, Nancy. She always has great stories to tell about her family and her travels.

Saturday our Knit Klub is meeting at Martha’s for a jewelry making party. Hope to make some things for her to sell to raise money for next years Avon Breast Cancer Walk.

Finished my Luscious Lace Scarf yesterday and have it blocking on the bed now. Wonddering if I should have done another repeat or two, too late!  I have another lace pattern ready to go! Oops, still have to do 2nd Sunday Swirl Sock.

Blocking on the spare bed

You can see the pattern

Saturday is also SJ Giants with our insurance agent. He invited all his clients to barbque and baseball. Should be fun as long as it doesn’t get to cool.

One and a half weeks til maui!!!

It was a good…

evening at Knit Klub. We all missed Carolyn who is recovering from her tuumy tuck.

Carol is knitting!! Pat taught her to knit and she’s on her way to knitting 3 feet of stockinette to be felted into a bag.

Bev started a baby bib in intarsia. Carrie helped her get started. Too messy for me!

Olga came with Martha. haven’t seen her in a while.

Sheri is working on another fob in cross stitch and I’m working on my lace scarf.

I can do….

4 more Mondays until Maui!! We leave 9/2 for two weeks. Having the last 4 days off makes it harder to go back to work than when it’s only 3 days off. Go figure. Didn’t do too much with the time off. Did spend $1200+ on new tires, shocks and struts however. But it is worth it to be able to drive without shaking at anything over 55 mph.

Schedule this week is 4 days at SLT, Knit Klub Wednesday and perhaps help out at National Night out on Tuesday and the yarn sale in San Mateo on Saturday. The weather is still pretty cool for summer. Very unusual.

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