Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

A trip to meet……

the girls. Sunday was a pretty lazy day. After returning from church I pretty much just hung around until it was time to leave for Seattle and dinner with the girls and Christina’s boyfriend Robin.

We picked up Anne at her new apartment and headed up the hill (via car) to meet up with Christina and Robin at a local Pizza restaurant, Via Tribunali. We had a very nice meal and interesting conversation. After dinner we headed up the hill (again with the car) to a small park that gives the best view of the city. It was fun seeing all the mansions on the hill and imagining who might live there.

The big adventure happened on the way home. We got lost. It didn’t look like you could get on the freeway heading south at the Mercer on ramp so we turned right and that’s where it all became a mess. I won’t describe what ensued but it took over an hour for a 25 minute trip home. Oh well, it was an adventure.

Lightening and thunder about midnight last night sent the dog into a tail spin (remember 4th of July and the fireworks). Poor thing. Today it’s overcast at 9:30 AM but promises to clear up. Still haven’t decided what we’re going to do. If it clears up perhaps a trip over to Poulsbo and Bainbride Island.

Here are pictures from last night with the girls.

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