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Knitting I Like


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  1. napiligal said:

    You can obtain this pattern on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/booga-bag

  2. Still working on the tomato hat for my goddaughter’s bridesmaid’s new baby. Have pulled an “Yvonne”, ripping it out now 4 times! Too many errors and tried again. Decided the size 6 needle was making it too small. Tried double stranding with an 8 needle. Too big. Sampled for different needles. Have decided upon size 7, single strand yarn. I’ve knitted enough to have made 6 of these silly hats!

    Need to get the green for the leaves/stem still. Also need green for the pumpkin hat I want to make – had the pattern now for 2 years – I knit nothing “before it’s time.”

    Have the yarn I think I need to finish Toby’s wedding blanket. I’m having fun knitting it, thinking of that crazy dog.

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