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is photo’d and updated. Kathleen sprainned her ankle so we didn’t go to the Museum. Opportunity to go back to Stitches. NOT!

Watching USA vs Canada hockey, SUDDEN DEATH~~


The Thrill of Victory and….

The Agony of Defeat!!

Chocoflan Defeat

Victory over The Sock

Stitches Part II

Went yesterday and as usual was overwhelmed. Walked the floor from 10-530 with a lunch break. Unfortuatly I didn’t hook up with Pam but did see Jo (Community ) Kathy (GPY) Anne (SF) and JoAnn (MV). I only bought some Pagewood Farms sock yarn. Had planned to go back today but decided I needed to do things around the house and bake a Chcoflan cake today. Still having dinner with the girls tonight.

Just played 52 pickup and about to start making the cake. Then it will be back to the sock to frog back to the heel. Will proceed with caution and not reckless abandon when I pull out all those lovely stitches.


2010 is finally here! I’m going to market tomorrow. Will try to hook up with Pam (Santa Rosa), Anne (SF) and Carrie during her break from classes. Lots of local friends will also be there. I’ll probably go Saturday as well and am having dinner with Pat, Shari, Carrie, Martha and Olga on Saturday night. I took out some cash today and will only spend what I take with me.

SOCK PART II: I posted on Ravelry asking for help on how to frog back to the error and got lots of suggestions. I’m not going to touch it until I have lots of light, a set of smaller needles (Carrie is bringing me her size 0’s). All will be fine. I think I picked it up after a couple of days and just started knitting with out looking at the pattern! From now on, new rule: USE A POST-IT AND NOTE WHAT TO DO NEXT, WHERE I AM OR REMINDER OF WHAT I’M DOING!


I really screwed up my 2nd sock!! Just realized I forgot to do the gusset decrease. 3 days of knitting and the foot is too big!! Not sure how to frog this back and to where!


Who knew

that a semi retired, part time sales associate and an unemployed guy would OWE the Feds and the State? Bah! Filled out new W2 at SLT and will withhold more hard earned $$. Have to do the same with the Pension check.

It’s a rainy day and work was slow so I got sent home an hour early. Going to try to finish my second sock of the pair so I have new socks to wear to Stitches on Friday. Going to try and hook up with Pam from Santa Rosa and her gang, Anne from SF and her friend and Carrie when she breaks from her morning class. I might go back Saturday and hook up with Sheri while Pat takes her afternoon class. Pat, Sheri, Carrie and I are going to dinner at Pedro’s on Saturday night.

This past Sunday was SLT’s Holiday Party at Left Bank at Santana Row. Chef David planned a very nice menu for us. After dinner we played Foodie Fight. We had groups of 4 in 4 Elimination Rounds and then a Final Round. I won my elimination round and won a girf certificate to LB Steak. In the Final round I came from behind and won! The grand prize was an AllClad 6 quart slow cooker! (retail is $200.00)!

Well, back to the sock.

I learned….

that my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. I need the light of day in the living room if I want to pick up stitches on the heel flap! If you don’t knit you might not get the heel flap thing but can probably identify with not seeing as well as you used to if you’re around my age (you know who you are). I screwed up the sock on Monday and had to wait until today when I was off and able to sit in the living room and turn the heel again and then pick up the heel flap stitches. Now I’m knitting away and hope to finish the project by Sunday.

Went to the dentist today for the second session of teeth deep cleaning (TMI?). Moral of the story: FLOSS.

Sunday is the “SLT Holiday Party” to be held at Left Bank at Santana Row. I hadn’t planned to attend but then Chef David brought over the menu and I am there! He’s comp’ing the meal and we’re each putting in $15 each for tip. David is going too.

Saturday plan is to do taxes! YUK. Last year it too a few hours but I think this year I can import much of the info from last year and not have to type everything in.

Looks like rain for the weekend so no plans for anything except taxes and knitting..

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