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Another Road trip….

L-R Yvonne, Shari, Carolyn, Olga, Pat, Martha, Carrie

L-R Yvonne, Shari, Carolyn, Olga, Pat, Martha, Carrie

this time with the Knit Klub. We started at The Swift Stitch in North Santa Cruz. Carrie and I arrived early so we had coffee at The French Bakery. Swift Stitch was having a small sale . Several of us picked up needles on sale and Carolyn bought yarn for another bathing suit. On to the Golden Fleece just off Highway 1. The owner of the shop was shocked when seven of us walked in. Martha and I did well on sale merchandise. Onto Capitola for lunch at Gayle’s Bakery. Went to The Yarn Place near Gayle’s after lunch. Carolyn bought more bathing suit yarn!  Then onto Chicks With Sticks in Soquel. Cathy has only been open for a month but seems to be building a cliental. Carrie and Pat are thinking about going over for sock making lessons on Sunday. Then it was back to Gayle’s for dessert (for some) and one last visit before heading home. We’re already talking about another road trip with the girls coming to Los Gatos and San Jose .Whiich way do I go?

Whiich way do I go?

Friday, Friday….

at last! Busy work week. Have to leave in a few minutes for a 12-4 shift. Saturday is a mini Yarn Shop Hop in Santa Cruz with a few of the Knit Klub ladies. Should be fun. Most of them are Michael’s yarn shoppers and I hope they will be awed by the non acrylic yarn that is out there.
Sunday is the first Town Hall Meeting at IPC regarding the search for a new pastor. I’m praying that we get a good turn out of folks who are interested in helping with this undertaking.
If you’re reading this blog I also wish you a good weekend.

Monday, Monday..

This week will not be as busy as last week. Last night we had the annual Holiday Meeting at SLT. Met with the LG store, and I’m glad I work at SR. Tuesday after work I meet with Pastor Stephanie at Starbusck’s to discuss my “leadership roll” at IPC. Wednesday is Knit Klub in MH. Not sure  if Carrie is will be going. That’s all the plans for the week..YEAH.

Working on another baby kimono jacket and need to figure out how to fix the dropped stitch on the scarf without ripping the whole thing out!

Road Trip….

Jim wants to marry this cutie
Jim wants to marry this cutie

Since my hours were canceled for today, my friend Jim and I decided to do a road trip. We left about 10am and drove to Valencia St in The Mission (SF) for coffee at Four Barrel coffee. It was their 1st anniversary so it was FREE COFFEE  (Anything we wanted). They were playing music on vinyl and Jim got into a conversation with the Manager/DJ about the benefits of vinyl. Jim had purchased some espresso beans and also discussed beans with the Manager/DJ who wound up giving Jim another bag of beans to try. SCORE!

From SF we went across The Bridge and on to Mill Valley to see Tyler Florence’s shop. Very nice. Very selective merchandise (hint, hint SLT buyers). Very extensive cookbook library. When we were on the way to Mill Valey i mentioned to Jim that the Mill Valley Market was across the street, but he didn’t seem interested. Once we got in he was impressed and happy to find Clover Extra Rich milk.

Tyler Florence's shop in Mill Valley (too far away to see it, darn)

Tyler Florence's shop in Mill Valley (too far away to see it, darn)

On to Sonoma we went. Arrived and it was HOT. We walked over to Vella Cheese to get their Jack cheese. On the way saw a lovely yard with grapes growing in the yard. Then we walked back to the square to go to the kitchen shop on the square. Unfortunatelyhe power went out on that half of the square just  as we got the. We continued around the square and found a cute cafe for a sandwich. On the way out of town we stopped at Viansas Winery for the views. Left town and headed back to the South Bay arriving home about 6. Another good Road Trip.

Grapes in a yard on the way to Vella

Vella Cheese

Vella Cheese

View from Viansa back towards Sonoma

View from Viansa back towards Sonoma

It’s Monday and…

I just looked at the calendar and it will be a busy week. Work til 7 today, session tomorrow, Knit Klub Wednesday, see Julie and Julia (again) with Kathleen and Saturday is Sara’s shower at the church.

In honor of Julia’s birthday last Saturday I made Coq Au Vin on Sunday. Yummy. My sauce was the best I’ve ever made. Wish I had had company because we have lots of leftovers.

Going to try to finish the scarf I’m knitting and make a hat to match. It’s time to start charity knitting so I hope Kathleen gives me the yarn she said she is planning to destash.

I Can’t Believe I….

got lost in San Jose and circled around the airport twice. Who knew you couldn’t get on highway 87 from North bound highway 101. I should have taken highway 17 and exited on Coleman Ave. No, I thought I could get on 87 South on Airport Parkway; NOT! I circled the airport twice before I figured out how to get where I wanted to go. And when I got there, I DIDN’T HAVE THE 20% OFF COUPON FOR MICHAELS!!!!!!!!!!!

This afternoon we went to Norm Pass’s retirement party. Great food and beer, great friends (Gerri, Linda, JoAnn and spouses). Had a nice conversation with Bill Hutton (the caterer and friend). Poor Mimi, what is she going to do with Norm hanging around all the time. He has already tried to micro manage her when she was frosting cupcakes!!

Nothing else to report. Working on a scarf and bought yarn at Michael’s (no comment) to make a winter shoulder wrap.

But First…

I want to say Hi to my friend Maureen in England who emailed on Tuesday to say she has read my blog. I miss her and our “cuppa” on the lanai or tea parties on the beach in Maui.  Maureen, if you have a chance, try French Breakfast Tea from Mariage Freres of France.

Went to see Julia and Julie today. Oh so good. Meryl Streep channels Julia! What a wonderful husband she had in Paul. I pulled out my MTAOFC the minute I got home. Maybe I’ll make something from the book this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it’s Norm Pass’s retirement party on Saturday afternoon. But first I’ll have to go to Yarn Dogs for their summer clearance sale. Will go early as it’s Fiesta de Arts weekend in LG.

On my way out to Oakridge, going South on 17 I could see the smoke over the mountains from the fire in Santa Cruz. The news says it’s over 2k acres and not even under control. I hope there won’t be any homes lost or especially any fire fighters hurt.  Keep those folks in your prayers.

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