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everywhere! David finally got tired of things falling on his head when he opened the cabinet where the tupperware is stored.  He decided to clean out the cabinet AND throw out what we aren’t using and any extra lids. Here is documentation of this event:

It;s out of the cabinet and being sorted

And there;s more!

Finally the cabinet is empty!

Back in the cabinet and organized. Lids in pink tub.

These are off to the tupperware graveyard (can they be recycled?





done. 2nd sock on correct size needle fits perfectly. (Photo will be posted tomorrow)

Was off on Saturday and spent most of the day finishing The Sock. Sunday I choose not to go to church and slept in a bit. Worked Noon to 8pm. It was the dreaded inventory night. It went well and today we did the reconciliations.

David has been cooking lately. On Friday he mad egg rolls. The Vietnamese real estate lady who hangs out here showed him how to make them. He did a good job. On Saturday he made a great pot of chili.

David's egg rolls

Sock II

Ok I’m starting the second sock on the right size needles which means I will have to frog the first sock and re knit it. I have lots more sock yarn (thank you Terrina and reward plan at Yarndogs) and will be making socks for awhile. The next sock I make I’m going to use the book Pam recommended, Sensational Knitted Socks.


are in season so I made a recipe that Milva got from a customer in Los Gatos. I met the customer on Thursday at Santana Row and she said it was best made in a cast iron pan, so that’s what I did. It was scary to unmold but did it with Davids help. Recipe will be on the Recipes I Like tab on this blog.

Rosemary Pear Upside Down Cake

It’s Friday..

and I have the day off. Today is also the one year anniversary of the passing of Barbara Miller, David’s Mom. We decided to go over to Half Moon Bay to see if we could see any big waves at Pillar Point near where they have the Maverick’s Surf competition most every year in January. On the way over we stopped at the cemetery to see Mom and Dad

Then we went over to Princeton By The Sea to the yarn shop (actually to use the bathroom in the mall where the shop is located). Bought new, smaller, knitting needles for sock knitting. Then it was off to Pillar Point to walk on the beach and watch the waves.

After walking to the beach from the parking lot and watching the waves we returned to the car and headed out for lunch.

We wanted to eat at Barbara’s Fish Trap in honor of David’s mom. We sat down and were looking at the menu when I saw that it was a CASH ONLY establishment. As usual , I don’t carry cash. We left and decided to go to Sam’s Chowder House. Very nice lunch. David had his usual fish and chips and pronounced them very good. I had a crab louie. The crab was fresh and sweet. The dressing was not the usual heavy thousand island and was very good. The clam chowder was very good as well.

We’re talking about going back in February on the anniversary of my mom’s passing, February 15th.

Weather reports make it sound like it will be a wet weekend. Plan to make a Pear Upside down Cake and possibly pasta with clam sauce. Also want to start the second sock on smaller needles. That will mean re-making the first sock. Oh well, it’s  a learning process.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

The Sock that..

came out HUGE!! I think it’s because I used size 3 needles. Should have used 1 1/2. Going to knit number 2 anyway.

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