Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

woke up to a beautiful day. After a pretty loud 4th of July celebration that had Charlie the dog pretty upset, today is very quiet. Since it doesn’t get dark til about 10 PM here the fireworks didn’t start til then. Our mission was to keep charlie calm. He pretty much stayed on the couch (oops, don’t tell my SIL) hiding under our arm our behind our backs. Since we couldn’t go out to see a  live fireworks show we watch the show on TV from Gasworks Park on Lake Union. HDTV is so cool. Probably the best fireworks, even better than live, that I’ve ever seen. Such a beautiful show and unique fireworks displays.

This morning we actually slept in. Our niece Anne was home (she came home for a party last night at a friends and spent the night) and took care of the animals so we could sleep in. After hanging around this morning we finally left around 1 for a short day of sight seeing. Our goal was to visit the town of Proctor and go to a used book store. Mission accomplished, a cute town with a small downtown. We did find the bookstore and some cute shops. The fish sculptures(see photos)  are around the town. I like the Blue Mouse sign and found it is a theater.

On the way back we stopped for Happy Hour at The Cliff House on West Marine Blvd , just about 1/2 mile from the house. Nice HH menu. A couple of beers, a plate of antipaste and some fried calamari and I don’t have to cook dinner tonight!! Great views of Mount Rainier and the channel that leads to the docks. Lots of sail boats out on the water today.

Tomorrow we plan to go out to Pt Defiance and the Zoo. We want to make the best use of these beautiful days. It should be warm through to mid next week.

The photos of Charlie next to my leg and foot are taken on the 4th before he started cowering on the sofa trying to hide.

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