Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

We are finally in Tacoma. Bit of a hassle flying standby. Actually, we have never had this problem on previous standby flights. I know it had something to do with 4th of July being mid week and the kick off for family summer travels. We were supposed to leave on a 3pm flight Monday but it turned it we watchd flight after flight leave full with a couple of standbys and military personnel ahead of us. David got the last seat on the last flight on Monday. My dear friend Carrie came back to the airport on Monday night to take me home and picked me up Tuesday morning at 5 AM!! I got on the 630 AM flight and finally made it here.

Tuesday was spent hanging around while the Russo’s (Brother Dan, SIL Linda and Niece Margaret) got ready for their trip to Iceland on Wednesday. Late Tuesday afternoon we took a ride down to Point Defiance and drove around to all the sight-seeing points along Commencement Bay. Saw lots of raccoons. When they saw us they all froze in exactly the same pose, like maybe we wouldn’t see them! After a lovely dinner, including shrimp that Dan and a friend had caught in the Bay I pretty much called it a night. I had been up since 330 AM and was ready for bed by 9 PM.

This morning we were up early to get the Russo’s to the airport. We’ve spent the day hanging around. Being the 4th, Dan was worried about fireworks (which are legal here) scaring Charlie (the dog). and asked that we stay here with him for the day and evening. We’ve been hearing the planes from McCloud AFB flying almost all day. There is a big street fair down on Ruston Way (the other  side of Commencement Bay from where we are) today culminating with fireworks tonight. Since it doesn’t get dark til about 10 PM here, I’m not sure what time they’ll do the show.

Tomorrow’s plan is to go downtown Tacoma, out to The Proctor neighborhood and just checking out the area. The  LeMay Auto  Museum that we plan to see while we’re here  is near downtown but I’m not sure we’ll see it omorrow. I should mention that we’re not car people but the museum looks really interesting.

Here are pictures of the cats (Cassie and Louie), flowers and views of “The Old Man” as Mount Rainier is often called. Keep in mind we are 66 miles from the base of  Mount Rainier and you get this view.

I’ll post again with more adventures from the Pacific Northwest so I hope you’ll drop by again.

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