Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

FO Friday ……

and WIP Wednesday all in one!!! I didn’t get my WIP post up on Wednesday so I’m including it today as well as the FO I finished last week.

The FO is Trixie Cowl made in Brooks Farm alpaca, mohair and merino. I got the yarn at Stitches West 2012. I used about 325 yards. I know the designer, Dolin O’Shea Bliss. She worked at Bobbins Nest before it closed a few months ago. She is a talented knitter/knitwear designer as well as a  pattern designer/seamstress for fabric.

The WIP is Monkey by Cookie A. You can still get the free pattern from Knitty. I’m knitting it in Hazel Knits yarn. The only problem with the sock is the heel. It is supposed to be the Eye of Partridge heel but I started on the WS and I should have started on the RS!! Oh well, it looks fine the way it is. The original pattern for the heel comes from Go With The Flow that has you turn the sock inside out after knitting the heel (so the zig zag matches when you go back to knitting the instep) and I forgot that part when I did the heel flap.

The square empty kleenex box has become my new “yarn bowl” I usually keep my working ball of yarn in a baggie but didn’t like the way the yarn rubbed against the edge as it fed out of the bag. I thought of this when a friend recently  mentioned she had just broken her yarn bowl that had been an expensive purchase. The box fits into my yarn bag nicely. I started a thread on the Tools Forum on Ravelry if you’d like to follow what people are saying and using for a yarn caddy.

The roses are the first of the year from our yard. The red one has a beautiful aroma.

Happy Passover and Easter to you all.

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Comments on: "FO Friday ……" (2)

  1. Great idea for a caddy. I especially like your hot pink kitting bag. Your Trixie Cowl is beautiful.
    I am still trying to get one plain sock completed. I will have to work up to the more Go With The Flow pattern.

  2. Your cowl is lovely and what a great idea with the tissue box.

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