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C is for

Cowl. One of my “instant gratification” projects is knitting a cowl. They don’t take much yarn or much time to make. I decided to look up the definition of cowl and found out something interesting; the definition doesn’t even match what I know as a cowl.

  • The hood or hooded robe worn especially by a monk.

When I think about a cowl  I see a circular neck scarf. Just something to keep my neck warm without lots of bulk.  Recently there have been some “copy cat” cowls patterned after popular retail establishments items. Two of the most popular retail inspired cowls have been the  GAP-tastic Cowl and Burberry Inspired Cowl. I’ve made both of them as gifts (too bulky for me) and several lighter, smaller cowls for myself.

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The orange cowl is one of my favorites. I made it to wear during the World Series in 2010 when the SF Giants played  …and they won!!

Maybe during the Blogging A to Z Challenge this blog will inspire someone to pick up their needles and knit or inspire someone to go to their Local Yarn Store and see about taking lesson to learn to knit.

Have a great day.


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  1. The cowl is really quite a warming garment. I wish I wore one right now. The sun’s been covered by clouds and goose pimples are rising on my legs. I’d lay the cowl over them instead of wearing it on my neck.

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