Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

I should really go to bed. I have had a great couple of days and thought I’d write about them now before I forget. Thursday David and I went to the movies, something we seem to have started doing. David isn’t really a go to the movies guy, or so I thought. He just didn’t want to see rubbish that Hollywood is putting out these days. We saw a foreign film in January (or was it earlier) at an “artsy, fartsy” theater down town. It was French and actually quite good, even if I can’t remember the name of the movie. We saw Old Goats at the Cinequest Film Festival a couple of weeks ago which was an indie  as in independent film as not made by a big studio. We went to see Fly Fishing in the Yemen on Thursday. At first I just thought it was a good movie (actually really good). Then I started thinking about it and my take away is that if you are really rich you can choose to use money for good or be selfish. At first I thought the Sheik was being selfish but then he gave his reason for what he was doing and I realized he was up there with Bill Gates and perhaps Steve Jobs.

Friday I got my hair cut, ran some errands and then made my self go to social knitting at Green Planet Yarn. Very happy I went as I got to see several gals I hadn’t seen a few months. Spent about 3 hours knitting and listening to table talk about just about everything other than knitting.

Today was a “workday” for the Walk to Emmaus that takes place April 26-29. “Work days” are for planning the event and also listening the the speakers who will be presenting to the “pilgrims”. What is always amazing is when these women (there’s a men’s group too) share their stories you never know what you’ll learn about them. So many on the outside look like they don’t have a care in the world, but when they start to tell you their story in the context of the subject they are speaking on, you get blown away and also inspired. I always realize that even though I have had a pretty boring, non inspirational life, I am blessed with the life I have through mostly not my own doing.

Tomorrow is church in the morning where I’m presenting the Moment for Mission about the One Great Hour of Sharing. After the generous donations that were given for the Adopt A Chaplain project I feel guilty presenting another opportunity for the members to make donations. However, it’s not about me, it’s  about their relationship to God and following his order to take care of the less fortunate.

Nest week will be busy. Monday night I’m going to San Francisco with Nanci and Lynn to the SF Cheese School for a class about cheese and wine from the Pacific Northwest. Wednesday night is Knit Klub and Friday afternoon I’m going back to SF with Kathleen to the art gallery where her food paintings are part of an art show about food. Oh, and I’m working Monday through Wednesday.

Of course in between everything I’ll be knitting. My Trixie Cowl by Lulu Bliss is coming along. Hopefully next Friday I’ll have another FO to share.

Now it’s time to go read for a bit before falling asleep. I’m reading My Sisters Keeper by Judy Picoult.

Have a good weekend and good week.


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