Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

WIP Wednesday…….

on Thursday. I (sometimes) hate WordPress blogging@#$$%^&. I spent forever writing a post and couldn’t get the photo’s to post correctly. I started Tuesday night and spent about an hour this afternoon linking the referenced patterns and yarns and adding photo’s only to have the photo’s be out of sync with the text.

Ok, I’m going to make it easy not not add so much to this post.  Here’s the Texelle Shawl by Phydeux with Valley Yarns Deerfield in Sea Spray. I got the yarn and pattern at Stitches West last weekend. The hardest part of this pattern is/are the  yo’s before and after purls. The seed stitch section took me forever. I must have knit those 8 rows 32 times between knitting and tinking! I am about to start the bobble section and hope that works out! If you click on the picture of my knitting you can see the detail of the different sections I’ve already completed.

Last weeks WIP is coming along. I have about 1/2 skien left to knit and then it will be done, whether it’s 60″‘s or not!


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