Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here


Seasons’s Greetings (aka Merry Christmas) and Happy New Year!! I’ve been thinking about coming back to my blog but am not very creative about what to write about. I did a “meme” through the alphabet last year and that kept me interested in my blog for 26 weeks. I also participated in WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday and FO (Finished Object) Friday on Ravelry (knitting forum) for a number of weeks. But since the middle of December I have sort of run out of steam (or interesting words).

The “holiday” season for me is pretty hectic. I work retail in a high end kitchen store. From the week before Thanksgiving until after New Years day (actually this year January 2nd) I feel like my life is not my own. My normal work week is 18-20 hours a week but during the holiday selling season my hours go to about 32-35 hours a week. For a retired lady that’s a lot of time on my feet. I won’t bore you with all the horrors of retail during this time but suffice to say I would like only to work January through November and take December off!!

I did manage to do a few holiday things like bake biscotti and butter cookies and  try my hand at crafting (see December 9th here ). We don’t decorate the house any longer, just a Father Christmas and a pine cone tree (see photo December 12th here). My Christmas shopping took place back in October when I attended a Fair Trade International Gift Faire at a local church. My friend Kathleen and went to Broadway West Community Theatre and saw The Last Night of Ballyhoo in early December.

I did my first “holiday knitting” this year. I made fingerless gloves for my boss and my SIL and a scarf for a friend. I don’t knit well under pressure so this was an achievement. I also gave my DS a pair of fingerless gloves that I finished after Christmas and sent to her last week.

I discovered a new vice, Pinterest. It’s an online bulletin board. It can be quite addicting. Enter at your own risk. I still post on Facebook and find it a good way to stay connected to friends that I don’t often see.

I have decided this year to keep a log of the books I read. I read about a book a month. Right now I’m almost done with The Summer Guest by Justin Cronin. I have his first book, Mary and O’Neil, on my night stand as my next read.

I still need to think about what I want to do with this blog this year. Hoping I find a fun “meme” to join that will stimulate my thoughts and perhaps help me express myself.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2012.



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  1. Happy New Year! And I think blogging the books you read is a great idea. Maybe you could review them in a post to give you something to write about?

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