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Squee Sunday…………..

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I didn’t think I was going to have a Squee for this week that is, until I arrived at church this morning. As you might remember I am “church shopping”. This was my 3rd Sunday attending Santa Teresa Hills Presbyterian Church. As I walked up to the Sanctuary I noticed tables set out on the patio and the Cameroon Flag was hanging with other banners in the center. Ah, I remembered, last week we prayed for the elections taking place there; this must be some kind of celebration for that. Well, it was Cameroon Sunday, meaning that we were going to celebrate this community in out service today. The members of this community have become a big part of this church. I even recognized several folks who had  attended my previous church.

Several Cameronian members, dressed in their beautiful celebration attire  lead the service. We even got a lesson about the country. Pastor Tom relegated this weeks sermon to another Sunday as we ran out of time and there was a feast awaiting us. The Community shared with us a wonderful meal of their native foods. Can’t tell you what I had, except for the plantains, but everything was really good. I forgot to take pictures of the outdoor celebration (darn!) but here are some form the worship service. I hope you can see the beautiful dress the women wore and the robes the men wore.

What a blessing. You just never know how a Squee will happen!


Comments on: "Squee Sunday………….." (4)

  1. Wow – what beautiful clothes! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself!

  2. What an amazing reason for squeeing! The clothes look just gorgeous, and I’m so envious that you got to have a Cameroonian feast! I know nothing about their cuisine, and now I want to learn ASAP!

  3. Beautiful squee!!!! I’m church shopping as well; hope you find a church that absolutely suits your needs.

    I love the tradition of celebrating the ethnic groups in the church. Such a wonderful way to learn about others.

  4. So do you think that this is going to be your new church? It’s great that you had such a good experience there!

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