Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

SQUEE Sunday………

this is not a good Squee until the end of the post.

Today started out fine. Got up, made coffee, read the paper, got ready for church. Usual Sunday morning. Went to church (I should mention here I am “church shopping” since my church closed in June) and put my mind to being present and not day dreaming. This chruch has a small chior (15 people) and is not bad but I am used to Parise music rather than hymns. The childrens message was cute and the kids had ants in their pants that made the Pastor a bit stern with them. Unfortunatly the message was kinda lack luster. It was about heaven and hell and if we can influence which we’ll go to and how God decides who goes where. It had potential but the Pastor kinda lost his mojo after the childrens message.

Ok, so I next stop at Michael’s for fiberfill for my hexipuffs. If you haven’t seen the Beekeepers Quilt, check it out. This is the hottest thing on Ravelry these days. I made one the other day and made a few mistakes and didn’t understand the bind off.

Unstuffed Hexipuff with bad bind off

I figured I’d figure it all out on the next one I made. HOW CAN 20 YARDS OF YARN ON SUCH A LITTLE THING NEARLY BRING ME TO TEARS?! The second one knitted up ok with only one mistake but I figure that would be ok. The bind off got me again.

Off to the computer to see if I can find help in the Beekeeprs Group on Rav. That’s when the next thing happenend. The computer wouldn’t connect to the internet. More about that later. Ok, so I thought I could figure out the bind off if I really read the instructions. NOOOOOOOOOOO that didn’t happen. Suffice to say, there is no longer a hexipuff two.

The exploding hexipuff

I’ve had trouble with the computer before not connecting to the internet so I unplugged and re-plugged everything, re-booted and nothing worked. I thought it might be the DSL as there was no light (or sometimes a red light) on the modem where it says internet. I called the telephone company repair line (no comments as I retired from the telco) and push all the buttons, find out there might be trouble in the area with internet access but that I should do all the things the voice tells me to do. I do them and then the voice says to hang up, plug and unplug the modems and reboot the computer (AGAIN). The voice hangs up! I wait five minutes and call back. This time I get through to a real person (in Asia she says) who is really sweet. After some plugging and unplugging she says to put the ethernet cord (the yellow one) directly into the computer. It works. So the trouble is the Apple Air Port not working (it’s been on the fritz for a while). Ok, I’m now at least connected to the internet even though I’m not wireless. Back to knitting related stuff.

The other thing I tried to work on is blocking a scarf I made for a dear lady that sent me a Pandora  style bracelet last week….I know, can you believe it!

Pandora Style Bracelet

Anyway, I tried steam blocking and the edges wouldn’t stay flat. So now I’ve wet it and pinned it to the bed and hope it will dry flat. I would love to get this mailed off to her this week with a thank you note for the bracelet.

So that was my day…..Oh wait, the good thing that happened today. When I went out into the yard this is what I saw………….

Last one for the season I think.

The good news is I’m off on Monday (not because of the holiday but because the manager screwed up my schedule and I have to work Friday!


Comments on: "SQUEE Sunday………" (3)

  1. What a major bummer! Hopefully no more issues plague you, and your hexipuffs work out. That strawberry looks so yummy!

  2. How crazy!! I’m not doing the hexipuffs – too many small things to put together doesn’t entice me. You’re brave for sticking with it!!! That strawberry sure was your silver lining to some crummy hours of Sunday!

  3. No hexipuffs for me! Kudos to you for trying. 🙂

    I think the bracelet is beautiful!

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