Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

WIP Wednesday………

I have no business starting a new project. I did finish a WIP yesterday and will post it on FO Friday.

I am working on finishing the 2nd fingerless glove as a gift for my SIL. She tried on the first one when we were in Maui but it was too hot to work on Alpaca while I was there. I have the 2nd one about 1/3 done. I’m not happy with the pattern as they didn’t reverse the cable for the 2nd thumb and I don’t like the way it’s positioned on the thumb. My SiL said she didn’t mind so I’m going to knit it according to the pattern.

My new project is a special thank you for a very nice woman I met in Maui about 6 years ago and see every September. Lucille is a petit woman with a really big heart. Her gift is giving to others. She does this mainly though sharing wonderful food with those she loves. I’m sure she’s the reason I came home with 3 extra pounds on my body!

This year she was very generous to the wonderful Hale Napili staff and gave them all (5) Pandora bracelets, fully loaded. Each one was thoughtfully designed with the recipient in mind. I admired them and was happy for each of the ladies who work so hard to make our stay so wonderful. When we went Upcountry a few days later I looked at Pandora style bracelets but decided I didn’t really need one.

Yesterday I got a package from Lucille. OMGosh, she sent me a bracelet! I called her in NY to thank her and was bawling trying to say thank you. She said her joy is in the giving.

I’m making this scarf as a thank you gift for her in Berroco Vintage. It is very soft an am sure she can use it during those cold NY winters.


Comments on: "WIP Wednesday………" (6)

  1. That is a very sweet lady and a very thoughtful gift you are sending her.

  2. Beautiful gift. It sounds like she deserves it, but it’s so nice of you to do it 🙂

  3. That is so sweet! And yes, scarves are always well used in the cold weather…especially when they are super cute like that one!

  4. The scarf and gloves look great. I don’t like working with alpaca when my hands are sweaty. It makes them itch.

  5. That’s a lovely match of scarf to yarn: very pretty 🙂

  6. Lovely gift for a lovely lady!

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