Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

V is for……….

Virtual: Having most properties, the appearance, essence, or effect of something without being that thing.

With the advent of computers  and electronic devices we have joined a Virtual world. We have friends we have never met even though we Virtually communicate with them all the time. We experience their lives Virtually through their Facebook posts and their Blogs. We can sit in our PJ’s on the sofa and Virtually communicate with anyone in the world at most anytime of the day or night; there is Virtually someone out there all the time to talk to.

I spend a lot of time online, far too much. I am a voyeur (but not in the nasty sense). I like to virtually see what people of my like mind (crafters, families, real in person friends) are doing and saying.  I have many virtual friends. I have virtually met them online through websites and blogs that I frequent that interest me. My favorite virtual friends are those I have virtually met on Ravelry. They are crafters like me (some are much better than me!) and have interesting things to say and show me everyday. I have expanded my knowledge of knitting by following many of these virtual friends blogs, Youtube videos (virtual classrooms teaching the craftand just reaching out to ask these virtual friends for help.

One of the things I like about being Virtual, which might not be a good thing, is that I can communicate or not . I don’t have to worry if my teeth are brushed (they are), if I’m still in my PJ’s (I am)) or if I’m having a bad day (I’m not). No one is going to see or hear me. In fact, most people won’t even see what I write because they don’t know I’m here unless I show them by posting what I’m saying or doing on a virtual site.

What has happened to reality? No, not Reality TV (which isn’t really real). Picking up the phone and calling someone? Going out to lunch with real friends? Going for a stroll with someone and seeing the real world? I do have to say, I do do these things. I need the social interaction with people. I do not want to become a hermit in my house, shying away from real people.

My friend Debbie has not joined the Virtual world. She very rarely uses a computer. She makes all kinds of excuses not to: it’s in the other room, it’s Ken’s not mine, it’s to confusing. Debbie likes to hear your voice. She called and left a message the other day and I have to say, I liked hearing her cheerful voice. I’m glad she doesn’t use a computer. I know she is my real friend. I guess I better go return her call and get off this Virtual soapbox.


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  1. What a great post!!! I too have many virtual friends who have helped me with many a project or problem. I also know of a few people who don’t “do” computers or texting and want to talk to a “live” person. It’s funny how different times are today and who joins in and who objects. Either way, I like my virtual world but it is nice to have a live one as well.

  2. Interesting post. And I’ve been thinking lately how to get the most out of and put the most into the virtual and the real world and how to keep the balance.

  3. I have virtually gotten a lot of support from this virtual world.
    After all where else can you go at 2:00 a.m. when having trouble falling asleep and find someone to play scrabble with

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