Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

WIP Wednesday……….

I wish I had taken a picture of this before I frogged most of it. I haven’t worked on this all summer. I thought I could live with the mistake at the beginning of the lace inset but discovered I really couldn’t. On Monday night I frogged it back 21 rows which was 3271 stitches to where the lace inset begins. This is where I’m beginning from which is where I was August 7th  when I took this picture……

Bad lace work (on right side of photo)

The lace stitches on the right are the ones that were wrong. They look worse in person so I frogged back to a row or so above the lace.

Frogged back to above the beginning of the lace panels

On Tuesday September 27th I started working on it again. The pattern is Polar Cap.  Here’s where i am now, not as far along as I was before.

Where I am as of 9/28/2011


Now my problem is the back. After I frogged and put the stitches back on the needles, some (quite a few) are twisted and you can see it a bit on the back. Oh well, Keep Calm and Carry On!

Twisted Stitches !@#$%^&*()How bad does it look?



Comments on: "WIP Wednesday………." (5)

  1. Oh my, this looks like a dauntingly difficult project! But your pics are great, and they make me think it would make a nice little cropped sweater-thingy.

  2. If you stop now, you can go and untwist the stitches on the back. It should be fairly easy to do, one stitch at a time, with a crochet hook. Since it is stockinette, it will be much easier to do than seed stitch or some other pattern.

    • Hi Anne
      Well I’m well beyond there now. I know there is a way to do that and next time I get in that perdicament I’m going to call and ask for your help!!

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