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My husband David, AKA Big Wave Dave, has been showing folks here on Napili Bay where to see the turtles out in the bay for years. He used to tell them where they where they were (on the back side of the second reef straight out from the end of the building on the beach) but they would come back and say they couldn’t find them. Then I said one day  “Big Wave Dave’s Turtle Tours” will leave the beach at 2pm. I was just kidding but folks would come back about 1:45 to see about the tour!! This went on several times until he told me to stop saying that!!  He still tells people where to see the turtles and sometimes they wait for him to go out and quietly follow him!

What does the turtle symbolize in the Hawaiian culture?

Turtle has a meaning of long life. It is also a creature known to bring positive energy.”


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Comments on: "T is for Turtle……………….." (3)

  1. I love turtles 🙂 My parents were in Grenada and saw the babies heading to the ocean – they got to help the volunteers make sure everything went smoothly and they named a baby turtle each *squee* My dad named his after me 🙂

  2. I LOVE turtles!! I have two box turtles – they are so fun to watch!

  3. You could make good money running those tours. And I think ‘Big Wave Dave’ would be good on the advertising.

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