Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Squee Sunday………..

Aloha from Maui!! The Ohana is here. Bob and Carole, Bob and Linda, Tony and Carol, Lucille and Denis, Ken and Debbie, David and Me. We arrived on Thursday and quickly settled into “Maui Time” which means “chillaxing”  to the max! Deb and Ken were kind enough to fix us dinner on Thursday night as we  were weary travelers. Friday was our first foray to forage at the local market. If you think prices are high on the Mainland, let me just tell you it is REALLY expensive here. I spent over $100 and feel like there’s no food in the hale. I wonder how the locals make it. They say there is always a huge crowd waiting when the doors of Costco open everyday.

Saturday was pretty laid back. It rained off and on and the waves were huge in the bay. The bay is usually flat as a pancake. All this wave action is not good for snorkeling but great for watching paddle boarders, surfers and boogie boarders. Hope it calms down soon.

Here are some pic’s of our first few days, hope you enjoy them:

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Comments on: "Squee Sunday……….." (3)

  1. The pics are lovely! I especially like the ones of the flower, which I do believe is a hibiscus. Noticed you didn’t have it captioned. My mom used to have a little bush in her garden with flowers that looked like that only red.

    • I don’t know why all the pic’s don’t show the captions I did. I’ll take more flower pic’s this week. The grounds here are really nice.

  2. Wow!!! I feel relaxed just looking at them! How beautiful – love the gorgeous yellow flower, the gecko and snail – how cool!!! I hope the waves calm so you can snorkle – sounds like you’re having a blast!

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