Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Q is for………..

Quagmire may refer to:

  • Water infused earth or a bog. Solid ground may turn to quagmire following substantial rainfall.
Many of our Eastern countrymen/women are finding themselves in this situation this morning after hurricane Irene passed through the East. I always feel like a voyeur when I watch the news reports of the havoc storms have wracked on peoples lives. I pray that all who are displaced will return home soon and that they find their homes saved from the storm.
When we were in Oregon two weeks ago we went to a Cranberry bog located across the Columbia River in Long Beach, WA. I thought cranberries only grew in the Eastern United States. Maybe I was influenced by the Ocean Spray Cranberry ad on TV. Here are the pictures I took. They don’t flood the bog til the fall so it just looks like fields of small bush plants right now.

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Comments on: "Q is for……….." (2)

  1. Is it wrong that I saw Quagmire and thought of Family Guy first?!

  2. Hmmm,Cranberries,Yum. I didn’t know they were bog plants. Learned something new today.

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