Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Squee Sunday………

……..I finished a sock with without much grief. Unlike my last sock adventure which took me forever to finish the 2nd sock, this was a better experience. I love knitting socks so I knew I couldn’t let one bad experience put me off. So, getting back on the proverbial horse, I started a new pair in anticipation of a renewed enthusiasm for knitting socks. I decided to do Monkey Socks by Cookie A again. The last time I made them the beautiful yarn didn’t really show off the pattern so I decided this yarn  would work nicely. I love it. can’t wait to cast on the 2nd sock.

Yesterday we had a short visit with my brother Dan and SIL Linda. They were down from Tacoma to pickup a bird bath that had been at my parents home for 50 years to take back to their home. (It’s a long story). Anyway, we went to lunch at the trendy Santana Row here in San Jose. We stopped at the Tesla showroom to see the $128,000.00 car (starting price without whistles and bells). My 6″2″+ brother folded himself into the car for this photo op………..


Comments on: "Squee Sunday………" (3)

  1. Great sock!! Looks like your brother really enjoyed that car!!

  2. LOVE that sock and that colour. You are definitely back on the sock horse.

  3. Just saw this post. The sock looks great (and so does the car!)

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