Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here


I guess my blogging today is kinda like tweeting would be if I tweeted and if anyone cared what I was doing.

Well, another week is about over. I’m liking this 4 days off business. Maybe I’ll keep working after the end of the year if I can keep this schedule. I know I’ll work a lot during the holidays but like this long weekend (or is that a short week) business.

Finished the 2nd sock last night, finnnaaaalllly. It has never taken me so long to knit a pair of socks. Need to remember not to knit with Alpaca in the summer (Will post pic on Squee Sunday on Ravelry). Polar Cap Cardi is going well (again, will post Sunday on Squee). I just read a quote in a book that I’m reading that said not to worry about mistakes because no one will see them. I screwed up the first row of the lace panel  on one side and am 6 inch’s or so past it and am ignoring it. I also have a wonky stitch on one edge that I hope will disappear when I pick up the edge for the placard.

Speaking of reading, I am reading Rachel Herron’s book How to Knit a Love Song. I bought two of her books in the Cypress Cove series at the Piedmont yarn Festival in June. I met her and had her autograph them for me. I had planned to wait ’til vacay in Maui before starting them but needed something to read now. I also won a copy of her 3rd book in the series in June after entering a drawing on her blog. They are “knitmance” novels. Seems the fictional town of Cypress Cove is on the California Coast around Half Moon Bay best I can figure out

Started knitting Dawn’s Twisted Scarf, a pattern I got on the shop hop in May. The yarn is a brilliant, sparkly lime green. Almost hurts my eyes. 4 row repeat with a double cable in 1 row and yo/lace in another with purl on the backside. Going well so far.

Other plans for this weekend include starting to pack, or at least make the list of what to take, for our trip next Thursday to Astoria, OR. I’m a little nervous about the long drive both ways. The car is running well and we changed the oil and I have fairly new tires so I think it will be fine. Driving to Medford on Thursday and then to Astoria on Friday. About 7 hours for each leg. David’s brother and SIL live there after a move from Colorado. His other brother and SIL are coming down from Seattle on Saturday and my bother and SIL are coming from Tacoma on Sunday to pick up some paintings we’re bringing them. We’ll take the coast route part way home a week later. Should be a busy week.

Hope if you are reading this that you have a good weekend whatever you have planned.


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  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip. I turned to reading today instead of knitting. Just wasn’t in a knitting mood.

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