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M is for My Mom


The first word that came into my mind was my Mom. She died February 13th, 2009. She was just shy of her 86th birthday. I miss her everyday. She came to America from France to marry a soldier she met during the war. What courage that took. She spoke little English. She arrived at my dad’s parents home where his parents only spoke Italian and mom didn’t speak Italian. I could go on and on about all she accomplished in her life;  wife, mother, entrepreneur, counselor, artist, gourmet cook are just some of what accomplished. I feel her presence all the time and wish she was still here.

Mom 2007

Comments on: "M is for My Mom" (5)

  1. Your post, although short, was full of emotion. I could feel it.

    Your Mom lived a full life. How wonderful!

    I took care of my Mom in my home during the last 3 months of her life. She died on Nov. 25 2009. She was 86. I feel her presence in every room of my house. For some reason it has been stronger the past couple of days. And I too miss my Mom very much.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your Mom. Although I am a Daddy’s girl, I have much to thank my Mom for. How wonderful that God created two special people to give us life. Each having their own distinct jobs in life. As women, we all know that Mom’s get the best end of the deal!

  3. Very sweet post. I know I am fortunate to still have both my parents with me and reading this makes me want to pick up the phone and tell them I love them. which, I will do after I hit send on this!! You have beautiful memories to cherish. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Your mum must have been quite an amazing woman. And as you say, so very brave. I have tremendous admiration for her.

  5. What a touching post. Your Mom looks just as I would imagine from your words, confident, calm (and very trendy for a woman in her senior years!). She must have been very special.

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