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I’m going to try again to post what I did Thursday with my friend Jim. I tried Friday night but couldn’t get the pictures to post in the right order.  So here we go again……

ETA: The pictures still are in the wrong places but I’m not going to fix it!

ETA: Squee Sunday Post

Thursday Jim and I took another foodie field trip (my turn to drive) and put 225 miles on the wheels. Our first stop was TMB baking in South San Francisco. It also houses the San Francisco Baking Institute. Jim had been there before and needed additional supplies for his new-found hobby of baking bread (this does not displace his coffee-making/roasting hobby). While Jim was talking with the receptionist about what he needed, I wandered through the double doors and discovered the school, the hearth oven/pizza oven, some interesting posters AND a table of baked goods. The receptionist kindly told his to help ourselves to the baked goods. Could she see my mouth drooling over the thought of a Savory Scone? On the way out I snapped a picture of a display of bread (that was well beyond eating status).

Then it was off to Four Barrel Coffee Photo
in The Mission (San Francisco). Jim had some “vinyl” to donate to their collection and of course we needed coffee. Too bad I hadn’t saved my scone from SFBI to have with my YUMMY latte. Photo

Then it was off to Clement Street in  The Richmond (San Francisco) to check out Green Apple Books and Kamei Restaurant Supply. Green apple is a great place to browse, overhear interesting conversations and pick up a great summer time (or anytime) read. Kamei beats Ikea when it comes to cheap kitchen supplies. (Kamei doesn’t have a website so I linked to Yelp).

Then it was off to Sonoma to seek out  Artisan Bakers and score some good bread and maybe talk to the bakers. After a looonnnngg drive from San Francisco that included a missed turn that found us out in the country and in Glen Ellen rather than Sonoma we finally made it. unfortunately the bakery itself had been moved to a larger building and all that was where we were was the retail/deli business. We bought bread and sandwiches and were off to The Square for a well deserved lunch. 

After lunch we walked around the plaza and stopped at sob_header3.jpg

to browse their shop (they don’t have a website). Of course we compared what they had and their prices to what we sell at Sur La Table where we work.

About 4:15pm we left and headed to Berkeley to visit The Berkeley Bowl, our favorite grocery emporium. I can’t call it a grocery store as it doesn’t compare to a Safeway or Luckys or any other usual grocery store. My scores were pencil thin asparagus and wonderful doughnut peaches 

I scored more veggies and some great tea (sold in bulk) as well.

We headed home tired and satisfied arriving back in San Jose around 8pm. Whew, what a day. We discussed out next field trip but I’ve already forgotten where we plan to go! I have to recover from this one.

Today (Saturday) I’m off to Santa Cruz with Shari to visit The Golden Fleece Yarn Shop. Gunilla has recently re-open the shop and is having her 10th Wedding Anniversary Sale. I’m bringing a copy of my wedding picture and can have a 20% discount. If I still had my dress and brought it in I’d get 40% but my dress is long gone having disintegrated in the bag I was storing it in 😦

ETA:  Beach traffic was a B—-! It took me 45 minutes to go 10 miles to the pick up spot where I was meeting Shari. We decided to sit and have coffee at Peet’s before attempting to get back on the road to the coast. An hour later we left and got to Gunilla’s around 3:15. Had a nice time visiting, knitting and eating lots of snacks that Gunilla provided tot the party/sale. Held myself back from buying yarn and just worked on my projects. Arrived home about 8pm. Tomorrow (Sunday) I am just staying home, except to run to Bobbins Nest to buy yarn (I have a GC) to make Polar Cap Sweater in Berroco Vintage

Whew, finished!


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  1. Great pics – looks like you had a lot of fun!! Sorry to hear about your dress but that is cool that they gave you a discount!!

  2. Looks like a squee-filled weekend! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I’m sorry you lost your dress, though. 😦

  3. Everything looks so captivating. The peach look yummy!

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