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WIP Wednesday

My knitting mojo has been on hiatus  the past week. I have fouled up my 2nd sock three times and have just set it aside.

I finished fingerless mitt #1  but need to figure out how to get the cable on the right hand in the correct place as the pattern isn’t written for Left and Right hand. I did M1L for mitt #1 and I think if I just do a M1R I might be ok. I’m going to try to visit my LYS this weekend for advice.

Project #2 is really the 2nd attempt to use this Mochi Plus yarn. I had a great scarf pattern for it but kept running in to knots in the yarn and having to weave in ends in the middle of a row (1st stitch is a slip stitch and hard to join on the edge) and didn’t like it. Now I’m doing the Noro Hat pattern trying to take advantage of the self striping. Hope I have enough yarn (I have 2 skeins).

Project #3 is an “Ugly Vest” out of “Ugly Yarn“! I bought the yarn (on Ravelry ISO DSO Forum) when I had another vest idea for which I had no pattern and never got around to figuring it out. I found this pattern on Lion Brand website and thought I’d give it a go. I hope I have enough yarn to make finish it. You can’t tell anything from the picture as to how it’s going to turn out but I keep knitting away.



Comments on: "WIP Wednesday" (7)

  1. Your WIPs look very interesting.

    I tend to shy away from using ‘ugly’ or novelty yarns so I am always interested why other people use them. I would love to see it finished. I hope that you have enough yarn to get all of these done up.

    Take care.

    • napiligal said:

      I don’t usually knit with novelty either but I have to use this up. Might end up in my charity knitting bag for donation. The girls at my stitch group keep telling me “it’s interesting” another word for “What were you thinking” I suspect.

  2. Too funny. I was expecting the vest was really called Ugly Vest. Couldn’t understand why you would name a pattern that. Love the mitts.

  3. The Mochi Plus yarn is really beautiful, and the hat you’re knitting suits it to a tee. I’m not sure what to say about the “ugly vest”; I guess we’ll see when you finish. As for reversing the mitt- advice from the LYS sounds like a good plan. I always like to bounce things off someone else to see what they think. Lots of frustration avoided that way!

    Happy knitting!

  4. The hat looks really cute, especially with that yarn. I have some DiVe Teseo which is very similar, and I haven’t found a use for it, but I do love your project!

    Good luck with the “ugly vest”, curious to see how it turns out.

  5. You are braver than I am even to make something out of the novelty yarn. I had an obession with novelty yarn at the begining of my days knitting. Had loads of it and couldn’t figure out anything decent to do with it. I gave all of it to the old age home up the road, 100% of it still in original packaging.

    Good luck with your WIPS.

  6. […] finished knitting the Ugly Vest (see https://napiligal.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/wip-wednesday-4/) for original post) Wednesday night but it was too late to photograph. It’s still Ugly and I […]

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