Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

K is for…..

what else, Knitting. I’m not being very original this week (or most weeks). I made a list of all the things Knitting has done for me:

Helped me make new friends and connect with old friends; Reconnected with a former co-worker about 3 years ago who also led me to a knitting group where I have made many new friends.

Taught me confidence to try new things (It’s only yarn!) Knitting in the round, socks, cables, lace.

Allowed me to teach others a new craft. Taught at The Maker Faire and this past weekend taught Reversible Cables at The San Francisco Ravelry Meet-Up

I’ve learned to follow the directions (at least until know what I’m doing). After frogging a project or two because I didn’t read the directions all the way through I learned my lesson!

Collect more yarn than I can every expect to use. So what if I have 20 skeins of sock yarn!

Allowed me to take my husband to lunch whenever we’re on vacation because he lets me drag him to yarn shops with the promise of a free lunch. Who says “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”?

Meet wonderful people on line through Ravelry and sometimes I even meet them in person. Yesterday at the Ravelry Meet Up I met a woman who had come from Sweden just the day before!

Led me to read Debbie Macomber books and I even went to her shop in Washington (another free lunch for DH)

Taught me patience; “Walk away from the yarn”. Rather than just frogging right then and there, a few minutes (or days) will bring a new perspective as to what to do next.

Learn to Blog. Still working on that!

Set up a Paypal account (to buy all that yarn from the Ravelry ISO/DSO forum)

Go to Fiber Festivals (Oakland Fiber Fest last weekend). So much Alpaca!

Discovers Stitches (West). Wish you Knit Nation folks could come to one of these. They are held in 4 parts of the US  4 times a year.

Learn about sustainable, fair trade and eco friendly yarns. Thank you Green Planet Yarn in Campbell, CA

Do Charity knitting. I knit for Compassion Knits in SF, 5th Sunday at West Valley Presbyterian Church for Caring Caps, Warm Up America.

I’m sure there is more to add to this list, what about you?

Todays food is kiwi




Comments on: "K is for….." (4)

  1. I like this post, it’s very cool seeing what knitting does for people beyond the craft itself 🙂 I wish I could come to stitches west/east very much!

  2. Yes, as you point out, knitting is the craft that just keeps giving.

  3. What a lovely list. Im very envious of all the events you have over there. I read about them and they look ‘awesome’. Hope you enjoy the teaching bit. I think it’s great to share the craft.

  4. Great post! It’s only when you stop and think about it that you realise how much we do get from our hobbies and interests : )

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