Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here


week gone by! Can’t believe it’s already Saturday. I’m going to post rest of the pic’s from our Lake Tahoe getaway and perhaps some knitting.

We had a great time Monday night over at Kathleen and Bill’s for the 4th of July. Lucy was so cute. For some reason I didn’t take any pictures. Her quote of the night was”and they are so colorful” which was her response to seeing the fireworks. And, the best part of “sprinklers” (sparklers) for her was running over to put the spent ones in the bucket of water!

On Wednesday night our displaced Knit Klub found a new home at the Santa Teresa Library in South San Jose. After 3 years of driving to Morgan Hill the girls from Morgan Hill and Gilroy have agreed to come North to knit. We have the room until school starts and then they will re-evaluate availability of a room for us.

Here are pic’s from Sand Harbor State Beach on the Nevada side of the Lake. When you see the pictures of all the people at the beach, you’ll understand why we usually go on vacation in September!



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  1. So very beautiful, the sky and the lake and mountains. Gives me a little wanderlust. But Wiltshire to Nevada is quite a long wander.

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