Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Not a good……

day before vacation. This is the first “driving vacation”  we have taken. Oh, we’ve taken a 3 day weekend to Santa Barbara, which is actually the distance we have to drive for this vacation to Lake Tahoe, but this time it feels different. We’ll only be there Sunday through Friday but it seems like we’re planning for a  two-week vacation. I should mention that we usually fly wherever we go on vacation and are very organized and ready to go the day before we fly out.

We’ll have a kitchenette and I have a few supplies that can’t be put in the cooler til the morning. Then there’s the weather; cool mornings/evenings (around 49) and nice days (around 76-80), so what do I take?

Then, while making my lunch, peeling a carrot, I peeled the side of my thumb on my left hand. Ouch! It doesn’t really hurt but feels funny. I put a band-aid on it and it makes it awkward to knit. I’m working on a cabled sock on 1 1/2  9″ circ’s and it’s making it fiddley. I tried several other patterns and can’t get enthused about any of them.

Well, maybe once we’re on the road tomorrow my attitude will change. I plan to post pictures and journal about the trip. I’m sure everything will be fine once we’re on the road. Here’s where we’re going, Cedar Glen Lodge in Tahoe Vista CA on Lake Tahoe.


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