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Wednesday, Again?……

Can it be Wednesday again? I have to admit I have strayed slightly from my plan of only working on the current WIP’s, one each day. I finished the Glitter Socks (See FO Friday post below) and was going to continue working only on the UFO’s I had on hand. Well, on Sunday I was at my LYS knitting table and my sock junkie friend Barbara showed me a pattern for her next sock project,  B&B Socks. Of course I went home, found the pattern on Ravelry went to my stash (at least I’m work with stash yarn) and cast on a new sock! My revised WIP philosophy is now to always have a sock project on the needles because they are an easy To-Go project! I can justify almost anything when it comes to knitting!

My stash is about to get bigger too! I got another gift card for Bobbins Nest  in Santa Clara from my church on Appreciation Sunday last week. BN is changing their reward program and if I spend another $45 before July 1st when they change the program I get a $20 gift card. Since I have $75 in gc’s that’s easy peasy! Going to the shop this weekend!

Here’s the new sock in progress:


Comments on: "Wednesday, Again?……" (9)

  1. Your sock looks great! I love that color.

  2. I’m totally the same with justifications 😉 Actually, I do agree with the sock one, it just seems sensible!

  3. northernnarratives said:

    Very nice yarn. I like the color. Judy

  4. I love the process of rationalization you have applied to your WIP infidelities and yarn spending! Truly, a person could not, not buy yarn if doing so meant receiving even more yarn for FREE!

  5. Mmmmmmm giftcards! I love guilt free shopping. I also love stash busting though there is little of that going on now!!

  6. Sock looks great so far, I do love some alpaca sock yarn. A sock on the needles is definitely the way forward, they are nice a portable

  7. Oooh, pretty color; and I bet it’s soft too 🙂

  8. Gift cards for the yarn store and more to come — lucky you!

    Very nice socks — I love the cables & that rose color.

  9. I’ve cast on way too many projects lately as well. As you said, at least you’re using sock yarn from your stash! I’m jealous of your gift certificate. I was at The Bobbin’s Nest in December and it was my favorite store I finished on the trip (out of about 7 different ones!) I got a skein of Hazel Knits sock yarn dyed exclusively for the store.

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