Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Though it was an overcast day, our adventurous spirit was there. Over Highway 152 from Morgan Hill to The Swift Stitch in Santa Cruz we went, dodging bicyclist on the way. Arrived at SS about 11:45. Great patterns designed with a Japanese motif using Frog Tree Pediboo. Fingerless gloves and a lacy tank top. Shari bought yarn for the top and me the gloves.

We stopped by The Golden Fleece that wasn’t on the hop to try to catch Gunilla but she was out “hopping” herself.

Next up Chic’s with Sticks. It was good to see Cathy. Pat and Shari bought the yarn for her offering of a knitted market bag.

Yarns by the Sea offered a narrow Clapotis like scarf and shawl.

The Twisted Stitch

Decided to have lunch in Monterey so away we went. On our way to Cannery Row for lunch we ran into The Twisted Stitch. As we exited the car Pat’s Texas nose smelled Barbcue. Into the shop we went and I think Dawn remembered us for our last visit. She was offering an original pattern called Dawn’s Twisted Cable. The yarn colors were hot and sparkly! We all bought yarn and are going to do the pattern together.

Lunch at Henry’s Barbcue was great. Wonderful pulled pork with a slightly sweet sauce. YUM!

Last up was Maurya’s Knitting By The Sea. She also offered an original pattern using a bulky Noro yarn to make a drawstring purse. I’m actually 85% done making the bag.

All in All the Yarn Shop Hop was great. Love spending time with Pat and Shari. Thanks to all the shops and sponsors for their participation.


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