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Blog week 2011 2kcbwday3

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011

Day Three: 30th March. Tidy mind, tidy stitches

I like to think of myself as organized but that isn’t always the case. So, thank goodness for Ravelry! My system is when I get home from yarn foraging I sit down and log the yarn into the Stash page. Then it gets set aside to be photographed (which sometimes happens and some times not). I store the yarn in baggies and then into big plastic tubs. My straight needles are in a crystal vase next to the sofa where I sit and knit. I finally corralled my circ’s a few days ago with one of these: Open Water Bait Binder

It’s a fishing bait binder! I labeled each “folder” with a needle size and they fit perfectly. I also keep my dpns in their packaging and store them here as well.

I keep my notions (measuring tape, stitch markers, crochet hook, etc) in a zipped pencil holder that a friend gave me when I first started knitting.

My leftover bits are kept in the plastic zipped bags my bedding came in. I didn’t want to waste lots of baggies on these bits that will someday (or not) become something!

When I’m knitting a project I have several project bags I can use depending on the size.

This is the one I use for sock or small projects:

Thank goodness again for Ravelry so I can add patterns I like to my queue. The ones I’ve printed out or were share with me from my knitting groups or from magazines are arranged in binders by type (scarves, cowls, hats, etc). Every couple of months I have a stack that have to be put in the binders and at that time I cull out the ones I’ll never make (What was I thinking? patterns).

I’m away from home for this week so I can add pic’s of any of these things at my home but I think we all do about the same thing. Sometimes on the weekend I look around the house and find I have to corral my stuff and put it back where it belongs, but for the most part it’s all put away.

Have to go now so I can get my second cup of coffee and read some of the posts for today.

Happy Knitting and thanks for coming by!



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  1. I love re-purposing stuff–great idea with the bait binder.

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