Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Another week…

gone by. Today was a very emotional day with a meeting at IPC to try to give our Session our feed back as to what IPC should do going forward; rebirth our selves as something new and go forward with a PNC or Holy Death and move on as a flock to another church or go our separate ways. I think emotion won out over common sense with those who were there and think rebirth would work. Session decides on 2/15.

I started the February Lady Sweater on 2/1 and frogged it 3 times. I think now I’m finally on my way! Using Ella Rae wool in Sea Foam Green. It is not my first choice of color but it was the right price on Ravelry.

Looking forward to Stitches West in two weeks. Taking a Free Form Knitting class on Thursday and plan to attend the Market that night to scope out the vendors. Plan to attend Market Friday and Saturday.

We’re going to Santa Barbara at the end of February to see Carol and Bob.

In March I’m going to see Lin in HB for about 5 days. Then, I’m home 2 days and then off to Tacoma on the 24th to house/pet sit for the Russo’s.  Don’t have any plans yet for the Summer but going to Maui in September for 2 wwks.


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