Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

outside!! Lovely day in the Bay Area. January is typically lovely here.  However today was/is dedicated to working on my new Cropped Cardi and I missed it. Almost done with the shoulders and ready to divide for the front. Wasted an hour + tinking two rows (520 stitches) but had to do it. Will post progress pic when I get the shoulders done.

Nice week; work, Knit Klub, Prayer Group, coffee with Ann, knitting at GPY. Might go to GPY tomorrow when I’m ready to move on on the Cardi in case I need help.

Last Sunday we got info from the Session at IPC about some options that are being explored for the future (or not) of our church. It’s nice to know what’s happening and that we have a couple of ideas going. More will be know in the next couple of months about what’s going to happen.

Still doing this diet thing. Have lost 30 pounds but am stuck and have not lost weight for almost two weeks. My BMI is only 1.9 higher than it should be! Would like to lose another 8-10 pounds. BUT, I bought a size 12 pair of jeans and don’t have to lay down to zip them up! Going in for a blood test later next week to see howmy numbers have changed since last April when the doc said I need to do something about my health. Today I even rode the exercise bike for 2 5 minute intervals. Will work up the time and intensity as the week goes on.

Made resv’s on Jet Blue to go to Huntington Beach March 16-21 to visit Linda. We’re taking a cooking class on Friday night, Girls Night Out. Can’t wait to see her. If Margaret is in town (Hollywood) I hope I get to see her too.


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